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Re: Food & acne?
Feb 25, 2005
[QUOTE=caedmyn]How long should I avoid a food to see if it affects my acne? Also, if a food does affect it, when I eliminate the food, would my existing acne show improvement, or would there just not be any new breakouts?

I switched to a whole foods (no processed foods) diet a couple of weeks ago, and eliminated all sugar (I use raw honey for a sweetner), but that hasn't helped my acne. Now I'm trying to eliminate dairy products to see if that helps. I can't really use any topicals/antibiotics except clindamyacin because I'm trying to get pregnant.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :p[/QUOTE]

Your existing acne will start to heal IF you eliminate the source of what induced your existing acne. Therefore you know you have picked the right diet for you, if you can heal your existing acne and you no longer get that particular type anymore.

Some of us get different types of acne and they are caused for different reasons. I get acne form foods that increase my insulin resistance and thus hyperandrogenism & inflammatory product formation (gluten, dairy, bananas, trans fats, fructose sweeteners, & table sugar). Some of these such as bananas & fructose sweeteners (fruit juice, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup) give me cysts.

I also get acne from foods that apparently I'm intolerant too, such as nuts, peanuts (legume) and the genus Prunus (almonds, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries) that invoke CYSTS horribly stubborn cysts that lasts 2 - 4 weeks if I mess up.

Oh and that's another thing, once you figure it, don't try consuming those foods again or your body may respond much harsher than it did before =( I can cheat with table sugar/sucrose/evaporated cane juice (honey falls under this try xylitol) and almost always only get tiny sugar pimples that go away withn 2-3 days, but again even that's too much for some people. Yet with those foods that give me cysts, on no, I've learned my lesson.

Best of Luck

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