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i read an interesting series of posts in the board archives about the increased testosterone levels caused by weightlifting and how it promotes acne. i'm not too clear on the science behind it but i do see a correlation.

i do feel, from personal experience, that lifting has a negative effect on acne. i've read that this can be balanced out by cardio exercise. the role of cardio i'm not too clear on.

also, i've read that creatine leads to body acne. i've noticed minor body acne since i started working out but after six weeks of creatine, it really flared up on my chest and back. i don't know why this is but it's very frustrating. i took last week off from lifting AND creatine and noticed an improvement in my acne, particularly on my body. also, i did not do any cardio during this time either.

so, here's the issue.. how do i balance this three headed monster? i need to work out enough to gain weight and put in the cardio enough to keep my testerone "balanced" (if that's possible). yet i can't put in too much cardio or i won't be able to put on the weight. and what is up with creatine and body acne?!

as follows is the plan i've come up with to try and deal with this issue. what i'm hoping is that some of you can provide your own observations on its effectiveness and possibly even straighten out my understanding of the testosterone/cardio/acne relationship or creatine or whatever.. any help is totally appreciated.

MON: 90 minute workout
TUE: rest
WED: 90 minute workot + 90 minute cardio (basketball)
THU: rest
FRI: 90 minute workout
SAT: 90 minute cardio (basketball)
SUN: rest

i have a hard time including cardio on mondays because that's when i work legs and, let me tell you, doing heavy squats/leg presses/etc. and a couple hours of basketball (in any combination) is totally brutal. wednesday's mostly arms so it's not so big a deal.

my hope is that this, combined with a better sleep schedule (in bed by 10:30) and a good diet (which has always been there) will keep my acne problems to a minimum. and hopefully there's damn thing i can do to help get rid of the body acne because i plan to continue taking creatine. thoughts?

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