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yeast is definitely a problem with acne (even in men). i always cleared up if i took Diflucan (yest infection drug). However, you cant take it all the time and yeast control diets are immposible.
i have tried everyhing to control my breakouts. they happen mainly on my left cheek and others scattered about. it is always in some kind of pattern. i read chinese medicine books, which said that region is connected to my digestive system and lungs, and i received very expensive accupunture treatments, which alerted me of an ulcer and a vit. B deiciency. my face cleared up both times, but went back to its old ways when i ran out of money and stopped tretment.
so, i did a lot of research and found literature on pantothenic acid (b5) and acne. i found a product called Clear Skin Image,which has mad amouts( i take 9 grams a day) of panto, plus biotin and niacin (other b vits). Together they form coenzyme-a, (look on [ [b] please do not post commercial websites [/b] ]) and work to clear skin.
i was totally skeptical at first, but remembered the accupunture treatments. when i got treated for B vits, i got a strange tingling sensation in my cheeks and my cheeks cleared up. but, i was never told to follow up treatment with vitamins. anyway, i started taking CSI two weeks ago and my freaking skin looks amazing!!! no redness, smaller pores, no new breakouts. i really heve tried just about everything, and this is my favorite.
however, everyone breaks out or different reasons but if you have this defficiency in your body, it will work.
my side effects are.... About a 1/2 hour after i take it on an empty stomache, my skin gets real hot and turns red, or flushes, then goes away in about 20 mins. Not too bad, the package said it would do that and attributes it to the "detoxing of the skin". on a better note, my elimination system is working like a champ! i used to suffer from constipation, but now i am eliminating regularly. i also lost weight, due to regularity and what the supplement does to your fat lipids (it metabolizes them).
i know this is lengthy, but i wanted to share my experience with people who suffer from this annoying problem in full detail. i wish someone would have told me about this earlier!
good luck, it may be the right thing for you.

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