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Here is just a little more information about a sluggish liver and skin problems I found, thught you guys might find this interesting:
Skin problems
I always had poor complexion due to my poor blood circulation. Acne and various skin problems started in my early teens. I assumed that I was born with poor skin. However, I learned in my 20's the correlation between my skin breakouts and mentrual cycles. My skin problems seemed to be worse just before my period when my estrogen level was high. But I did not know what to do with it. I also noticed that deep fried foods and stress aggrevated my problems.

The Chinese term for acne is "youth pea". Having acne during teenage is considered normal. When I still had them in my 40's, I knew something was not right and it could not be "youth pea" any more. When I started taking Chinese Bitters to decongest and cleanse my liver and Coptis to stimulate my bile flow, I noticed improvement in my skin condition even though the improvement occurred rather gradually. After I did my first liver and gallbladder flush, my skin condition cleared up completely.

Hormone production increases rapidly during teenage years. Since the liver is the organ that eliminates estrogens and testosterones, a weak liver that fails to handle the increased work load may end up weakening all its functions including blood filtration. The higher than normal toxins and hormones in blood may clog up the hair folicles and sebaceous glands in the skin, causing inflammation which leads to breakouts. If the liver is so weak that blood is never filtered efficiently even though hormone production is not increasing, then the skin problems can occur at any age.

When the liver is congested, foods that cause this congestion should be avoided or minimized. These foods include roasted nuts, spicy foods, and even onions.

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