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hey whatsup so i am new here but i need some advice from you all. I have been suffering from acne since my junior year of high school and i am a sophomore now in college. I never really had it too bad but always had occassional bumps here and there, mainly ones with white puss ready for me to pop and of course aggrevate even more. its impossible to resist but I am trying to get better with it. Well now that I am able to grow a lot of facial hair,my acne seems to have spread all around my jaw and cheeks area. They seem to be like mosquito bites, itchy and irritatting probably due to the facial hair and then turn into tiny little whiteheads that i can pop and of course aggrevate The redness seems to be from the irritation of the facial hair but i dont know, it may just be the acne. I cant shave however because shaving makes my face even worse as my skin is very sensative. I maintain a scruffy beard, not too long not too short to cover up most of my bumps and redness and I also apply cover up. Yes i am a male but i am VERY VERY self conscious about acne and I use a city stick by clinique cover up that works perfect to cover up my whole face and in almost 3 years of using the cover up, noone has ever said a thing to me about acne, or noticed any type of cover up on my face.
This may well be because I am a male and one wouldnt expect it, yet i dont care male or female, its not such a girly product and it helps my self confidence extremely. So as I go out at night or during the day one would see no redness or bumps, for the most part, because of the cover up and facial hair. However, I am still very insecure about the situation and still dont want to be using this cover up forever, as I now dont want to go places where it is very light or my face is on attention or the cover up can be realized since im using it an excess because my acne is getting worse. I am still less confident then I would be without any acne and it is something always on my mind, basically controlling every decision I make. I am almost sure none of my friends are aware of how I feel or that I even use cover up. So i should feel better yet I dont. I feel worse than ever. i wanna live a acne free life and cover up free life and I wanna be able to shave normally but i cant yet. I understand in the end this will make me a better person and when the day comes where i dont need to apply cover up and i can feel free will probably be the best feeling ever.

Now my questions to anyone(males mainly) is does anyone experience acne from facial hair around the cheek and jaw area? Are there any products to buy to soften facial hair or something. I use cetaphil moisturizing lotion also. I dont ever get acne on my forehead or like under my eyes. only where facial hair grows. I need a life saving product for anyone with this problem of mosquito bite type red bumps occuring and turning into whiteheads that become inflammed and a problem.

Also i am going to start eating much healthier starting tommorrow. No specific diet or anything because Its hard when your in college, But i am going to go on a strict diet of fruits, nuts, water , veggies, more fish and overall eat much healthier. I also smoke pot sometimes and I plan on cutting back from that as well for two weeks to see how that works. ....any other types of foods people can recommend would be great also...Thanks

I know some people will say to stop using cover up or lotions or picking at the pimples but its impossible not too for me, I wont ever feel comfortable going out without cover up on. its like night and day for me, If people could see my skin without cover up theyd be shocked. I mean it. With cover up it looks almost flawless and like i am living a normal and happy life. Meanwhile I am not and i live a restricted life and I am not able to do many activities that i would love to do. I am nervous about anyone ever realizing i use coverup and making fun of me because I am a male but its been 3 years and noones made a comment but still i am very insecure and unsure about it.

I just wanan feel better fast and be happy, like everyone else. i ordered a product called clearpores, wonder how that work for anyone else? also i will be eating much healthier and trying to ease my mind to some extent. I know this was long but any type of advice would be great...thanks in advance

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