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Don't feel bad about crying in the doctors office I think that many of us have and all of us have been close to doing the same thing. I don't remember ever completely breaking down in the derm's office but I have went in P#$#@# before and have come close to tears. I have cryed many times over acne, I don't think I cry because of acne I cry because of societies view on acne and ignorant people with perfect complexions comments towards me.

I am 20 and work in a convience store while attending college. Shortly after I began working there I had an older lady that would leave rather than allowing me to cut lunch meat for her, I didn't pick up on her attitude and reasoning at first until she made a comment to one of the other employees.

This employee told my best friend and she told me that there were two reasons why I could not wait on her:

1. I swore at ball games. Yes I played softball for many years but believe me my language could be much worse. I believe she actually confused me for another girl on the team that had very vulgar language.

2. I picked my face. This really hurt. For one thing I have acne and have been going to a derm for about 4 years now there is nothing else I can do about it. And I do not touch my face at work! I pick at it at home as most people do but nothing major.

After a few days everone including the owners knew what she had said. I had the opportunity to speak my mind to her one day while I was at work and that felt pretty good but what she had said still really hurt because when you have acne you live every day feeling like people take one look at you and judge you based on your appearence.

Sorry this was so long but I haven't told anyone about that since it happened. I tell everyone the reason I can't wait on her is becaue I swear at ball games I conviently let out the other reason.

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