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[QUOTE=krispie]I've been reading many of the diet related methods of treating acne that have been discussed on this board, and i'm very impressed with the results of some members. I've battled with acne throughout my teens and i'm now 24 with moderate to severe acne. I've tried a number of different meds but to no avail.

Anyhoo, i was wondering how i tell which carbs to stay away from. Is it ok to take vitamin B supplements? If i have to stop taking Vitamin B, won't that deplete my body of energy that it needs? Why can't i eat a bagel but i can eat rice? And how do i tell complex from simple carbs? are complex carbs ones that are whole wheat, whole grain, etc? Thanks for your help![/QUOTE]

Wow, tons of really good questions =)

Complex Carbs = Fruits, Vegetables, & 100% Whole Grains (Legumes, Nuts, Seeds = considered more so a protein)

Simple Carbs = Refined Foods, anything white/bleached that wasn't naturally so. Anything lacking in fiber that's a carbohydrate. Anything with added Sugar = Sucrose, Corn Syrup, etc. [Anything with Trans Fats (partially or fully hydrogenated oils) makes things worse].

However, for some members this isn't a therapeutic enough option. Hence why you see us consuming rice, but not wheat or gluten. Why you see us consuming potatos and not sugar when you've heard that they both are supposed to be "pure sugar", not true. Hence why if you are going to consume "added sugar" consume table sugar/sucrose types over fructose sweetners (corn syrup, 100% fruit juice w/no fiber, etc) any day as the body metabolizes these foods differently than just according to their carohydrate count and glycemic index/load.

You are correct in that B Vitamins are known to be found in grains (and vegetables) and so if you give up wheat, which is probably your largest source of grains you will want to replace with another hopefully safer grain, LOTS of vegetables, or just consume a regular multiple vitamin & mineral supplement. Taking B Complex on its own is a bit of a gamble as there are two vitamins (b6 & B12)that can aggreviate or cause acne for some individuals around here, particularly in high doses. B Complexes tend to be in much higher doses than what you would find in the foods you consume or in a basic multiple vitamin supplement.

However if you do decide to give up wheat or gluten, you can still have that bagel and it can be made out of rice! There's lots of substitute flours out there that can be made from other grains, legumes, & nuts so don't think it's the end of the world. It can actually be the beginning of your food cuisine journey. Of course you may make additional mistakes experimenting with new foods, but at least in the end, if diet is your answer, you'll discover just how much control you have over your skin and whether or not to continue living with acne or to finally be free of it. How powerful does that sound? ;-)

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