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Acne Routine
Feb 28, 2005
Yesterday, I was at the local Barnes and Noble and was reading a book about women and acne. It had a lot of advice about how to control for acne. This advice can also apply to men. It just happen to be a book especially for women because it contained information about how to control acne and not cause any other damage to the skin (i.e. wrinkles).

The author of the book said that one should use a SA cleanser with at least 1%, preferably 2% in it to adequately control acne. They say anything less would not be effective in exfoliating the skin cells. SA is suppose to exfoliate the skin, while BP is to prevent the acne.

Once you use the cleanser, apply BP cream on the entire face, not just spot treat. The author stated that once you have a pimple it is too late for treatment. They stated that BP is a very good preventive agent and the body never becomes resistant to the effects of it. But only use a 2.5% BP cream, 5 or 10% is too drying and is not any more effective in treating acne. They also said use a glycolic lotion to help regenerate new cells to get rid of red marks and hyperpigmentation.

So here is my routine, I was using Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, but it has only 0.5% SA in it. I am now using Phisoderm 2% SA Cleanser. Then I apply Neutrogena 2.5% Spot Treatment on my entire face. After I let the BP cream dry, I apply Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion, which has glycolic acid in it. I do this both AM and PM. I have seem an improvement in my acne.

Also, for the adventurous, I also just started taking UltraSkin vitamin supplements which I purchased from my local health food store. It says to take two pills a day. I am only taking one a day until I adjust to the pills. It is supposed to detoxify the liver and get my sluggish immune system to work and control the acne from the inside. I think this supplement is similar to the B5 routine that is metioned frequently on this board. Well, that is my story. I hope it helps someone. Any questions, feel free to ask me.

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