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hey all! i've read a lot of the posts in this thread and have seen a lot of ?'s about accutane and the initial breakout so i thought i'd give my 2 cents. i've been on accutane since 11/11/04, started out at 20mgs/day, then went to 40mgs for a few months, during which time i started going to the derm every 2wks for cortisone injections, as well as having to take 20mg/day of prednisone just to keep the swelling down. i had a very severe initial breakout, just awful, huge, painful cysts on my jawline. now i'm at 80mgs/day and am really starting to see some results, mostly in the form of gigantic flakes of skin coming off in sheets! but they're taking away all the scarring too, and i don't have the big bumps anymore. now just the occasional normal pimple, which usually clears up in a day or two. i look so much worse right now than i did six months ago, but so much better than two months ago. my derm said that he's never seen this stuff not work and i trust him completely. i still use a 1.5% salicylic acid cleanser (murad) twice/day, along w/ cleosin lotion 1.5% and murad's skin perfecting lotion. my lips peel completely off about 2 or 3X/day so i have to keep lip balm on hand always, like ALWAYS, but otherwise it's been pretty bearable. the worst was when i was trying to "tough it out" with the initial breakout, letting those first few cysts get out of control. going back to the derm constantly, while a pain in the booty, was just what i needed to keep them under control and keep myself from totally freaking out. the shots hurt, but they worked until the medicine started doing it's thing. i'll keep y'all posted on my progress, but so far, it's looking better every day.... finally! btw, i'm 30years old, and the acne started surprise! when i was 22! now i look forward to the day when i don't have to swallow a handful of pills each day to stay normal! good luck to you all.

ps- i've also been doing the lemon a day thing with my tea and it sure hasn't hurt! worth a try anyway. best, ali

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