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Awww I dont blame you! That would scare me to death!!!
Sometimes I think they stress the side effects mainly because of the pregnancy thing. There are alot of idiots out there that dont care- and would get pregnant on the drug. You cant even get pregnant while using Retin-A Micro.. Nevermind an oral drug thats more potent than..pretty much ANYTHING!
So.. They seem to stress that its last resort because of THAT, possibly? They want to save themselves from having people get pregnant. Because literally..for every 2 people who get depressed, theres 400 that get dry lips and skin and thats all. I guess its a precautionary thing..but look at the amount of people who have taken it! I heard Jessica Simpson took it. Actually, alot of celebrities and thats how they keep their skin so clear and non-oily.
It definately is a huge decision. Life altering, really. It could turn you into a fossil, or it can turn you into a socialite with more confidence than you ever dreamed of. Its like Russion Roulette though.. What will it do to YOU? Everyones different. And thats why it sucks.
I noticed, though- that for alot of people that say it "came back after a few months" werent continuing a regimen. When you are off accutane, it doesnt mean you are no longer acne-prone. You have to use preventative measures to ensure your skin doesnt revert back. I asked a few people who claimed to have the acne come back, what they used after treatment. They all said "Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer" ..... Well hello. You have to use benzoyl peroxide, retin-a micro, SOMETHING.
Do you think youll consider it again?

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