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Anyone with cystic acne should try avoiding oranges and orange juice. And probably other citrusy or acidic fruits and vegetables. I have posted on this and told my doctor and usuallly no one believes me. But I have spotted a few other messages here about oranges, so a few others have made the connection. And I didn't make the connection myself, a coworker did after her chin broke out after a weekend of big family breakfasts featuring orange juice.

I haven't had anything to do with oranges for several years and I haven't had the cysts all over my hairline, jawline, cheeks and temples ever since. I usually do have one or two on my back and frequently have one on my neck, which I attribute to the lemons in my tea or eating a few too many tomatoes or strawberries. I have never tried to see if I could have the odd tangerine or and don't like grapefruit so I don't know about them. But there is zero doubt in my mind that oranges give me severe cystic acne.

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