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Im 21, and Ive got it. I got it for my 21st birthday practically. I had beautiful skin up until September 2004. It seriously erupted all over my chin out of NOWHERE. I dont know why I got this severe form of acne out of the blue- but im trying desperately to make it go away. Right now im using Retin-A Micro and Doxycycline (oral antibiotic) and Im on Estrostep Bcp.
I hate the Retin-A Micro. I got a....particularly hideous breed of horrible initial breakout on this stuff. I kid you not..I now know what suicidal means. I really couldnt believe how bad it was. I went to the Derm and got Doxycycline about 2 and a half weeks ago, and So far..I dont see much of a difference. Im on Retin-A Micro almost 6 weeks.
Im considering Accutane because Im so desperate for it to go away. It leaves these horrible red marks that make my skin look like I have a rash or something. They take forever to fade. I was an aspiring model and had to stop because of this. Im also a hairstylist and its really hard to face people and be confident when you have acne. So Its seriously affecting me and I want it GONE.
What does your acne actually look like? Im trying to determine if what I have is really cystic acne. Its under my skin, red..almost shiney bumps..and they are SO painful. They get medium sized..sometimes a little bigger than a pencil eraser or so- and some have even connected to form a monster cyst. Eventually, some of them will come to a head- but they still take forever to fade away after that. Are those cysts?
I also have cystic acne. I get them not on my cheek and Jawline but my T zone. forehead outer nose and chin. I would get a cyst or 2 plus your normal pimples in High School. When I turned 21 things started getting worse. I started getting 4 and 5 cysts at a time. it was bad. Now Im on Accutane. today is the last day of my 2nd month. I never really had a real bad initial break out. I had a break out the last 2 weeks. Not bad though. Im on 60MG. I REALLY hope it sticks and works for me. I have really oily skin and now my skin hardly gets oily at all. My mother also had cysts and still gets a few. Luckily I only have a few not so bad scars on my forehead. I am really happy with Accutane so far. Im also on Yasmin for my BC.

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