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hey juici! i reacted waaaaaay worse from the low dose than the higher one i'm currently on (80mgs/day). crazy, eh? my nurse said she'd never seen anything like it, and the doc said it was definately uncommon. he even tested the pimple ooze (so gross!) for a staph infection (negative), that's how bad it was. i bawled my eyes out, in his office, for an hour. i am mostly clear now, just a coupla little bumps, nothing really, but i do have the red marks everyone talks about, and i'm getting kinda red from all the peeling. i never thought i'd see the day when i would use moisturizer on my face 4 or 5 times a day! the red covers up pretty easily with makeup, but the flaking is a bit more tricky a process: cleocin lotion, murad lotion, makeup, lotion patpatpat, check, lotion patpatpat, check, f-it, juuuust walk a-w-a-y.

my face was so hideous i would basically hide all the time, baggy clothes, like a slob (but squeaky clean!) all the time. i have so much more confidence these days, it's like a miracle. i even caught my son's kindergarten teacher (a 35yo, cutie-man) checking me out last week! i'm very happily married, but that was such a boost for my trompled ego, i can't even tell you. i feel like i'm finally on the road to getting my life back. i've even been working out. i have been getting some backache, but it's been so helpful for my state of mind i refuse to give it up.

acne sucks major. a good, really honest relationship with my derm has been one of my best weapons in this struggle. i like to make him work! *lol* but this board has been, hands down, just the best. misery loves company, right? but there is nothing like losing the feeling of being utterly alone in a horrific battle, which this has been for me.

btw, do not drink on the tane!!! i partied it up saturday night with some girlfriends (which i never would have done, be seen in public, on a sat night?! a month ago), had four drinks, and was terribly hung over all day sunday, and had a headache all yesterday. ugh!

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