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Re: B5 Day 11
Apr 24, 2003
well, its going to be hard for you to tell what is doing what since you are taking both mino and b5. i myself am starting b5.....but i think i am going to get a topical b5 cream too cuz thats what the people in the study did. anyway i wanted to ask y ou about hydrocortisone-are you injecting or using an ointment? the one time i tried hydro it either seemed to make it worse or not do anything. do you use it only on newly forming pimples???? do you have to do the warm compress first for it to work? im asssuming it must make pimples go away faster or you wouldnt use it....but do you use it only on big cysts or everything? thanks......
Re: B5 Day 11
Apr 24, 2003
Hi yes i am using the cream formation of hydrocortisone 1% and yes it did used to make me brakout when i overused it on a skin problem i had a while ago,but i have found that using it when i have an inflamed spot can really help it to reduce in size much quicker than it normally would.
I tend to find it works best on the spots that tend to be a hard lump underneath the skin,the type that never seem to form a head and hang about for weeks.
After washing my face i apply a small amount of hydrocortisone to the area surrounding where i would think the head of the spot would be,i do this every night until the spot gets smaller,usually this is about 4 nights,i have found that this also reduces any redness and scarring that i would normally be left with.
You don't have to do a warm compress but this usually helps with inflammation in my skin with some people ice works better.
Don't overdo it though as your acne could then get worse.
By the way if you do find a topical B5 could you please let me know where you get it from because i would like to try this also
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[This message has been edited by scouselad1974 (edited 04-24-2003).]

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