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Thanks so much, It wasnt too long- I need to learn as much as possible because Ive only had this for about 6 months so Im totally new.

Right now Im using an extremely gentle cleanser from Mario Badescu. Its a cleansing milk that you apply to dry skin and it completely removes make up. Then, wipe off with a damp washcloth. So far, this has been the best cleanser Ive used. My skin doesnt look terrible after I wash it, whereas with other would get dry, irritated and flakey.
After that, I use Retin-a Micro (.04%) at night, and thats all I use. Im taking Doxy twice a day...100 mg each pill. Its extremely rough on my stomach, though- and its making me especially tired lately.
Im usually very good about not touching my face or picking at it...But the other day I did a little. So now it, of course, looks worse. But honestly I know its worse to I dont.
As far as what type of acne I have..I started out with cystic acne. I just woke up with a couple of cysts on my chin. Then, after a few months of thinking "itll just go away"...I decided to go to the Dr. She gave me Retin-a Micro. Well, then I broke out ALL over my cheeks and my chin. The breakout/purge from that was absolutely horrible. Im still breaking out on my cheeks, now- which I NEVER broke out on before..even during puberty when I got a couple zits here and there.
Im 21 now- and I got acne right around my 21st bday. So Im still getting cysts and now, all sizes. I never get regular a whitehead or something. Theyre always under my skin, and very painful...all sizes.
Thanks for your help, though! Im considering accutane because of the type of acne and how its making my skin look terrible. I dont know if what Im using is enough.

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