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Hey thanks for your reply. Yes it is rather annoying, however at the same time was was as ignorant. Things seeming simple work so well. If a derm told these people the same thing, they'd follow it. And waste money in the process. Now im not hating on derms, i went to one and thats what finally put me in the 99% clear (aside of all my redmarks, but as zara own fault.)

I think doxycyline worked well to rid me of all my bacteria in my body, i will use a probiotic after my perscription is up. But ill tell you for a fact, the popping ans squeezing is the main problem. Its really hard to stop popping after doing it for 4 yrs, every day..and i mean every day i had new pimples, at least 1-2 usually 1-2 whiteheads and them cysts that would be next to each other and like form into one huge painful bump. Picking these gives you the pit scars, that don't fade with time. Let them be, they will leave a minor redmark.

I could type many many pages to convince you and hopefully one of these days your'll find this path is the correct one. It took me 4 yrs, to get clear in 1 month. Acne isn't usually brought on by you, but it is for a fact prolonged because of the popping, squeezing, harsh chemicals, and over washing.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habbit, so go one month..after that its natural, and you find yourself not preoccupied by your face. This is the same thing for weightloss, 1 month or choosing the correct choices, after the month...its natural..

Good Luck...if your afraid to try this now, remember it for the future.

Thanks again for your reply zara, good luck to you and stay positive..i feel you on the redmarks...i remember when those were pimples on ym face, and it was long ago...but redmarks are better than painful pimples, and whiteheads..again good luck.

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