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Hi, thanks so much for this advice. Could you help me out a bit?

Ok i eat a lot of cereal, + use semi skimmed milk, i eat about 6bowls a day.
I do drink a lot of water though.

I always eat a lot of oranges+apples each day.

I mainly shower with really hot water, because i hate my face being pale, and want it to have a kind of glow.

I then use hair products on my hair to style/spike it.

Then i wash my face with a foaming gel (salicylic acid) to get rid of impurities.

Then i use a spot cover stick, to hide blemishes/spots etc.

Then i drive to uni.

etc, come home and use clearasil rapid action night cream (containing salicylic acid)

Is there anything im doing wrong? Or any advice you can give?

Well i have some questions for you. Also as said in my post, the foods, like milk and cheese, these are all personal to me, not everyone has these same issues.

Now, Is your skin oily?

What kind of acne do you have?

What kind of cereal is it you eat?

Answer those, now ahead of you answering....if your skin is oily, your hot showers are taking all your moisture from ur skin, causing overprduction of oil, which causes many pimples quicker. The more oil the more active the pores, which equals more acne. (acne prone skin anyways, non-acne prone skin, oily skin is actually okay, its slows aging, but for acne prone people, more oil is indeed bad.) That was a lot of comma's. :P

As for hair gel, make sure you wash hands ANYTIME you are going to touch your face, i wash my hands several times a day, and if face itches or i need to touch at all, i use back of oil being secreted there. Keep gel off face and your fine.

Oranges have been known to cause cystic acne for some, no cystic acne? This isn't the case for you. Cystic acne? its possible, but not for a fact.

Also as for the cereal, if they are healthy cereals its not as bad, but if its liek capncrunch, golden grams, cocoa puffs, all other non-healthy cereals. They are loaded with sugar, and are processed, which is a digestion issue. Which usually in turn becomes an acne issue for acne prone. So keep to healthy cereal if possible, since you eat so much of it.

Also, if you feel milk, cheese, and overall dairy don't effect your acne, ignore any comments from my post, again...its just an issue for me, but can be for many others.

Other than that, your cleaning regime looks okay. Not over washing, and not underwashing. Keeping it simple is key, along with not popping or squeezing.

From my pov, without your reply. I assume you have oily skin, and im almost sure its from your showers. Cool the water down, slap yourself a lot to get your "glow" you seek. ;P

You people are kind of pissing me off. You want somthing besides yourself to cure your acne. You want to keep paying money for **** you don't need. You want to keep paying money for **** thats making your acne stay.

Seeing this post go down with minimal replys only proves my point. Acne is a mental battle that you must overcome for it to leave. If you do this for 1 month, i guarantee a difference youve never seen before. You say "its too hard to stick to that", that means your not trying. You have to live day by day, go day by day without doing these things i posted.

Trust me, its the hardest thing ive ever been through, going weeks with over 5-6 active whiteheads on ym face. Seeing people stare at them instead of my eyes. Hearing people make comments, seeing people not want to make eye contact with me or my face. People making comments to me, asking me if i wash my face, or telling me if i did this or that then i wouldn't have pimples.

Blah blah blah. But now, 3 months later. Ive been clear for 2 months. Do i remember those days? A little. Do others remember those days? Nope, if they do, they treat me a lot different, lol like im human

But now having gone through hard times, with depression, anxieties, social anxiety, they are all fading since its leaving me. And since ive learned the things i posted. Pimples i do get, no longer effect me, i see em in mirror when washing, but they are outta my mind soon as im away from a mirror.

Take the advice, fight the battle, be winner. Overcoming this obstacle, will make many other obstacles in life much me..

My anger comes from knowing everyone can do it, but you have to go through the hard times to see the light. Ive never been happier in my life these days. Of course that month, was the worst ive ever felt. Lifes a trip, gotta get back up and play again.

[QUOTE=Aikon]Wow... Inever thought of the hot water thing either. I always take really hot showers (no cold water at all!) and I have really bad acne, and I can't find any product that gets rid of any of my acne! Thanks, I'll have to try this!

Also, what kind of healthy food did you eat, since it wasn't frozen meals (healthy kind)?? I drink slim fast and eat healthy frozen meals all the time, so I don't know what other stuff is good that helps really, thanks.[/QUOTE]

Food related acne is different for everyone. I ate healthy to lose weight, but noticed my acne flared with certain things, like peanut butter and melted cheese gave me bad cysts. So i found hydrogenated oils to hurt my face, now hydro oils are in every tv dinner, even the healthy ones. So i stay away, i ate a lot of wendy's back in the day to help me lose weight. Chicken is good for you, so eating chicken, salads, sandwhiches with wheat bread, cut out anything you notice effects you.

Melted cheese is like rubber to digest, i found my acne was due to digestion problems, which gave me food allergies. Im taking doxycycline right now, on month 2, my face has never been this great in many years.

Im pretty sure, that once i get my body filled back with good bacteria, i won't have these food sensitivites that i do now. Just eat what you know is healthy, this will help you feel better, because healthy food does that to your body, and also your skin should look better.

As for slimfast, they are loaded with sugar and carbs, so although your losing weight, this really isn't healthy as they make it sound. Best thing to do is eat until your content, eat 3 times a day only. You can do the 5 times a day thing, which is good at keeping metabolism up, you'd eat like breakfast, fruit, sandwhich, fruit/snack, dinner. You get the point, this is keeping your digestion going, which in turn might help your face, removing waste properly instead of through your skin.

That is merely a guess, watch your hydrogenated oils, melted cheese, fried foods and whatnot. Good Luck

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