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Food for me is the number one culprit for my acne. I felt as if I was reading my own post when I read your advice. I also have this thing about picking my zits. This has caused me over the past couple of years to infect a small area on my right cheek. Because of me picking and proding I get harsh cysts (HARSH!) in that area all the time. My left cheek is clear and I hardly ever break out there. I know its from the picking, but I think that it has become an obsession at this point. I hope that you don't cringe when you hear this, but this is my routine:

I sit up on the bathroom counter and stare at my face, especially if a have a biggy. If the biggy has formed a head, then I push at it until it pops. If it doesn't have a head, I disinfect a sewing needle and poke it through the center of my zit!! I know, I know this is horrible and the main reason I infected that area. The needle sometimes helps (like if that is a good thing!) me push out the crude stuff inside, but usually I never get anywhere. All I end up doing is making it bigger and bruising the area (reddish blue mark left over). I noticed that the area is starting to scar with indentations, where before only a red mark was left. This is crazy, but like you said I would rather have a red mark than puss in my face!!!

When it comes to food these are my enemies:
1. Coffee- horrible break out after a Frap
2. Bananas-love them, hate the results on my face- horrible
3. As you said, Peanut Butter- this equals major cysts! I use to get these Peanut butter bars at the SUB building of my University-sooooo good but soooo bad for my face!
4. coconut- love cream pies but same issues as above
5. chocolate- addict so hard to stop eating it- not so harsh effect
6. Eggs, cheese(especially cheddar) and yoghurt- AWFUL!!!
7. Fried food- deadly for face- fast food places are the worst
8. seaweed from Sushi- I use to eat alot of seaweed sushi roles but I was told by me derm that seaweed causes bacteria buildup in the body so I stopped and just eat the raw stuff with the rice
9. liquor- don't drink much at all, but when do face gets really oily and I know that break out is coming soon

The foods that help my acne:
1. lots of purified water
2. salmon- for some reason when I eat alot of salmon ( especially raw at Sushi places) my skin seems like it glows. Derm told me great for acne!!
3. lots of greens- this may sound horrid but dandelion roots boiled seem to help my skin clear up. My cousin who lives in Greece swears that this is what cleared her acne!

That's basically it. I loved your post because it ralates to me. Thanks for the pointers!!! Glad to hear that your face has simmered down.

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