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Yes that is what im saying, it all depends on how you personally treat it. Its really very rare that acne comes back, many people experience failure in these treatments because they do not follow it properly. And by properly i mean, having a good dietary, not using any type of other "substances". You just have to be real responsible is what im saying.
Like i said, you might have to cut down on things you enjoy eating/drinking but in the end it will all be worth it and then you can just go all crazy afterwards. Oh another thing, since you just started the treatment, your body has to get used to it and actually absorb the drug, its in the process of taking over you body. Due to this, your body is in a state of "suprise shock", its pratically normal that you breakout even worst and have a reddish complexion. Trust me, you won't see results until maybe 1 month, maybe 2, whether you are on accutane or minocycline.

Me personally, i was on accutane, was on it for 6 months. Let me tell you it was not easy, since i also like to drink/smoke(anything)...etc, i was basically a heavy "have an awsome time party-goer". I traded all that for 6 months of seriousness, doesnt mean i stopped having fun but it wasnt the same without all the booze you know, i can tell you i was probably the only guy who wasn't drunk in all the parties i been too during the 6 months of treatment.

Its been 2 months since i finished my treatment, to be exact i finished it right after new years. Results, my face is clean as can be, i get no more breakouts, havent gotten 1 SINGLE pimple since then. Only thing thats left are some minor little red marks that eventually will go away in time, these marks are the spots were my acne was the worst so i know what thats about, but its not even noticable. I'm the only one that knows they are there, honeslty i can say my face is 97% clean.

In other words, im not telling you to become some stranger to society and go live off in a cave for months lol, but just be responsible and think twice everytime you are about to do something that you think will affect your preogress in any way.

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First of all, Minocycline and accutane are two very different can't even compare the two. I am on accutane now, but prior to that I was on minocycline for 4 months (and I do not drink or anything)...and it did nothing for me. Minocycline isn't as strong as accutane is, and it does not have the same success rate, of course. It will work for some, and not do anything for just depends on your body, I guess.

I do however agree with Veiri that you shouldn't drink or smoke while on any just isn't really all that smart...but I think drinking is a little easier on minocycline that it is on accutane.

And, there is no guarantee that minocycline (or even accutane for that matter), will clear matter how healthy your lifestyle is...period.


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