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Accutane is only for the oily part of the problem What Accutane does is shrinks the oil glands down to the size of a baby's. Once the treatment is over, the oil glands will enlarge but are not supposed to return to the size they once were. There are a lot of other contributors to acne....bacteria, diet, makeup, ingriedients in make-up and facial cleansers, medications and so forth. People who have oily skin will have a problem with Acne, not nessisarily because of the oil but the oil causes the dead skins cells to get trapped in the oil instead of shedding away. The dead skin cells then get blocked into the pores causing pimples. What I have found that works really well is to use a GENTLE cleanser. The harsh cleansers will do nothing but aggrivate the skin and make the situation worse. Clean and Clear by Johnson and Johnson is a good choice and is what I use. Get the one for sensitive skin. When you wash you face you need to replace oils that are lost to keep the skin from producing even more to compensate what was lost. A good moisturizer to use is Curel Fragrance Free. It is oil free and very light. It is the one with the green lable. Wash your face twice a day and there is no need for toners, they are just more drying. Saliclyc Acis is also very drying and only should be used in small amounts and as spot treatments....same with benzyl peroxide. During the day, after you wahs your face, pat your face dry. Then wet your hands with water and put a small amout of moisturizer on your hands, rub them together, then apply to your face. Let it dry. Your face will feel moist but not greasy. At night you do not have to do this. This is easier for make-up application for women. I am on a medication called Differin which is an RX. It is a retinoid like Retin A but a lot milder and less irritating to the skin. There are two versions of this medication, one is a gel and the other is a cream. Gels are alcohol based which are going to cause drying and irritation. I use the cream and it works beautifully. The first month that you are on this medication, you should be on an antibiotic for the break out period that the skin goes through. Retinoid medications go down into the pores and exfoliate. They do not do anything for the oil, but it exfoliates the dead skin cells that oily skin has a problem shedding. For all of you people who have this oily skin problem like myself, don't stress out so much about the oil. Yes, it's annoying, but people who have oily skin will look younger when they get older. Black people natually have oily skin and if you'll notice, black people always look really young for their in a way, it's a blessing. Do not dry up your oil glands, they are what keeps your skin young and supple. Also, keep your pillow cases clean. This is what your face sleeps on everynight. If they are dirty, then that dirt is going to get on your face and that's not a good place for dirt to be. Dirt also gets into the pores and causes break outs. Do not touch your face a lot. Your hands come into contact with so much bacteria you would be suprized. You do not want to put this bacteria on your face. Have a face towel that you only use to wipe your face after you clean it and make sure you keep this clean as well. Anything that is put on your face needs to be clean. For women - make-up can cause skin problems. Nuetrogena has a good foundation called Healthy Skin. This is what I use. I also use Almay powder and no blush. Do not use blush brushes on your skin. They will push the makeup into the pores and this is not wear you want to put your make-up.

For more information read Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
by Paula Begoun and The Beauty Bible: From Acne to Wrinkles and Everything in Between also by Paula Begoun.

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