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[QUOTE=angelic 12]Does anyone have "perioral dermititis" My dermatologist has said that i have this. I have just started on minocycline today. I was using a steriod cream but from what I have read you shouldn't use steriod creams. Does anyone know what kind of cleansing or makeup or sunsreen to use. I have always have clear skin until about christmas. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

What has helped me so much for my face is Dove soap. Some people say that soap is bad for your face, but Dove is actually subtle and it doesn't over dry your skin, It all depends on your skin type, I have combination skin, so it works for me a lot. Also try not to spread acne cream all over your face it can worsen acne, it did it to me. Try Neutrogena on the spot acne, you put the cream ONLY on the pimple itself. Trust me it works. With time I've come to realize that over cleansing can be really bad for the skin you can irritate it. As for the sunscreen, try Oil of Olay w/SPF it's GREAT, non greasy feeling and wear it every morning, don't forget to put it on your neck.

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