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Re: Staph infection
May 31, 2005
Hi everyone. I too was diagnosed with staph infection couple of weeks ago. I've been having recurring boils on my thighs for some time now and those of you who esperience them would know that they leave the ugliest scars and very very annoying.

Anyway, although I still don't know the cause of it, my doctor recommended some everyday precautions to keep this nasty infection at bay. Apparently the staph infection usually resides in the creases of the groin and it thrives in warm/moist areas of the body. He said that for the next few months, I have to follow these simple rules.

1.If you're female and love wearing comfy pants like me, sorry about the bad news but you have to say goodbye to them. I've been advised to wear skirts as often as possible to let my upper legs and groin area breathe.

2. Wear no underwear to bed - this is the bit I'm still trying to get used to.

3. Iron every piece of clothing at high temperatures including your underwear because staph virus can withstand the hot water in the washing.

4. If you must wear pants, iron them inside out cos the bacteria can reside on the fabric, repeating the infection. Ironing them with hot iron will kill them.

5. Do not use the same towel to dry your body after showers, change them everyday if you can - and never share clothes or towels with others.

6. Change your bed sheets regularly

7. Wash your private parts (front and back) after every bowel movement.

8. Change your underwear every 5 hours - this can be a bit of a pain but apparently the infection tends to spread to your underwear and everytime you go to the toilet and pull your underwear down, it scrapes past your legs spreading the infection to your thighs - which is why it's more common to get boils on the bum and thighs.

I only started following these rules couple of weeks ago but I must say everytime I had a sign of a boil (that red little bump), it's been drying up and calming down rather than developing further. I know antbiotics are a quick fix but they don't guarantee the infection won't come back. As much of a hassle as some of the above points are, maybe some changes to our daily habits will ensure a longer term solution. If any of you try these tips, please keep me posted on whether it helped.

Take care and good luck!!!

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