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Help! I don't have the will power to leave zits alone. I always pop them and usually don't get a scar left behind except for the last time I did it. Well this month I got a huge zit on my forhead and I promised I would leave it alone. I kept putting clearasil on it but it just got bigger and more painful. Finally yesterday it was so big and all white on top that I couldn't resist. I tried popping it but it didn't pop very easily. Yet I persisted and finally did it but only a little white stuff (sorry to be gross) and tons of blood came out. Today it is still big and painful but looks much worse than it did before since it is all dark red now!!! I had a zit like this in the same location a few months ago that seemed to do the same thing. I tried popping it but it didn't work because the zit was too deep and I finally got it all out the second time I popped it then it healed. Now here we are again and I still have not learned my lesson. Do you think that if you don't pop a zit and leave it alone you won't get a scar? I was wondering if you might just end up with a scar anyways so I always though popping it would be better before it gets worse. And what about clearasil? I don't even think it helps.

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