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i was taking benza clin for a while to controll my mild acne along with tetricycline then i switched during the summer i was taking the genaric brand of retin a, i think it was called tetronal with tetricycline that i have been on 4 years. but anyways it was the gel form and my face got so irritated it was bright red and i was breaking out horribly. then i switched to retin a micro and it helped alittle bit but not much my face was still really bad i took those for about four months. I read that the alcohol can irritate the skin and could that be why my face didn't get any better? I'm currently back on Benza clin and my acne has calmed down but i still break out and my skin i bad looking from all the breakin out from the retin a's. Would it be better to get the cream form of retina? can you guys or ladies give me some suggestions on what would work the best and can the retina help with the blimishes.

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