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Looong time, update
Mar 10, 2005
Hey guys! I used to go here daily a long time ago. I suffered from really bad acne, but still had sensitive skin which made harsh treatments like proactive and prescriptions from my dermo made my skin break out even worse. So my mom was just getting her hair done and overheard a lady talking to an esthetician about her daughter's acne. So my mom talked to her, and came home to tell me it sounded like she knew alot, and could help me, and figured it was worth a shot. So I went, not really expecting much. To me, facials are for rich people to feel good, not for real medical reasons. After the first one, I could tell the difference. I went once every 2 weeks or so at the begining. She would extract my current pimples and cysts and they would be gone the next day! I was amazed. Slowly, once my current break outs faded she went deeper working with my scars, which I figured I would have forever. My scars are about 80-90% better, and I get occasional pimples, if I break out really bad, like last weekend I fell asleep with my makeup on, I just make an appointment and she usually helps me, but also gives me something to put on it if I do it in the future or tells me what would be good to buy for it. She's very helpful, and I'm not sure if it's just her, but I imagine anyone could find some good place that can help out. It's definately worth the shot, when I think of the time I spent going to the derm, the money on the 4 prescription, and for it to barely even work while my skin was all dry and flaky, this is DEFINATLY much much better! Goodluck to everyone, I just hope you guys all find something that works. Living with acne is painful emotionally and physically

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