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Salicylic acid cleansers don't work for most. They usually make my acne worse. As for the lotions and gels, some make get an allergic or unsuccessful reaction. I now want to stop using any harsh chemicals on my skin. This includes Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and triclosan. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-microbal chemical. Even though this chemical may cause less irritation than Benzoyl Peroxide (which it does not for me) it is just a harmful and harsh on your skin. It destroys good bacteria and bad bacteria, but the worst thing is that it and other harsh anti-bacterial chemicals have the potential to promote the breeding of a resistant bacteria, that is not effected by anti-bacterial chemicals. Scientists are finding more and more people with a new breed of bacteria, usually cause by the daily use of harsh anti-bacterial chemicals. This is probably why many report a benzoyl peroxide treatment working for a while and then stopping. It forces the breeding of a new bacteria, that is not effected by it. All of these chemicals are messing up my skin. After I used the cetaphil anti-bacterial cleanser my face got itchy and burned a little, when I put the Jojoba on. Other washes that have triclosan are, Cetaphil anti-bacterial, and Dial anti-bacterial soap. Just ****** Triclosan, and also ****** resistant bacteria, and you will find links that deal with the subject of the new drug resistant breed of bacteria.
Maybe you’re right about bacteria not being able to survive in an oxidized environment, but the question is why does it suddenly stop working for so many? If the bacteria cannot survive and it works at first why does it suddenly stop? There may be other explanations, but the fact that so many report this sudden end of BP working for them, shows some type of resistance, right? The only reason I say this is because that's the only clear explanation I can think of and other anti-bacterials do this to some people. I mean, sure the original bacteria cannot survive in that environment, but this new breed of bacteria is different from normal bacteria. It is very resistant to any anti-bacterials (evolution can be a *****, lol). No matter the case, benzoyl peroxide is not for me. I am too young to be having dull free radical infested skin. I am trying the basis vitamin bar cleanser now. Hopefully this new cleanser wont clog my pores, because it is not irritating. I also stopped using that salicylic acid, because I noticed my acne scars getting worse, which is known to happen to people with dark complexions, using BHA. The jojoba oil does not seem to moisturize good enough for me. I may start using Suave vitamin e/multi-vitamin lotion (not vitamin e oil) instead. Hopefully I can find a "natural" healthy cleanser that does not clog my pores, so I won’t have to use that BP again!

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