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Salicylic acid cleansers don't work for most. They usually make my acne worse. As for the lotions and gels, some make get an allergic or unsuccessful reaction. I now want to stop using any harsh chemicals on my skin. This includes Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and triclosan. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-microbal chemical. Even though this chemical may cause less irritation than Benzoyl Peroxide (which it does not for me) it is just a harmful and harsh on your skin. It destroys good bacteria and bad bacteria, but the worst thing is that it and other harsh anti-bacterial chemicals have the potential to promote the breeding of a resistant bacteria, that is not effected by anti-bacterial chemicals. Scientists are finding more and more people with a new breed of bacteria, usually cause by the daily use of harsh anti-bacterial chemicals. This is probably why many report a benzoyl peroxide treatment working for a while and then stopping. It forces the breeding of a new bacteria, that is not effected by it. All of these chemicals are messing up my skin. After I used the cetaphil anti-bacterial cleanser my face got itchy and burned a little, when I put the Jojoba on. Other washes that have triclosan are, Cetaphil anti-bacterial, and Dial anti-bacterial soap. Just ****** Triclosan, and also ****** resistant bacteria, and you will find links that deal with the subject of the new drug resistant breed of bacteria.

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