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[QUOTE=Apeus]Hey, this is really weird and is really upsetting me. It seems, that when I pop a big pimple on my turns into a mole or something. It's really weird. Back in May, I popped these three pimples on my face, and ever since, there have been three red spots where they use to be. Looks like like a mole. They're like a redish brown color...not very dark, pretty light infact. But has anyone ever had this happen to them? It's so weird, I wish I could get rid of them.[/QUOTE]

Probably scabs, just like if you scrape your arm or leg. Its a wound, and the next step to having perminate scarring. Try if all possible to not pop pimples, this causing red scarring, and it sounds like you have cysts, which cause pit scaring. Which are indentions in your face that last forever.

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