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I've been reading these boards for the past hour, and have gotten so much information.. Howver, theres one problem. I dont know what products to get for me. I've been hearing about retin-a, curel, neutrogena, clearasil, differin, various oils, etc, etc.

I've had bad acne for about 5 years (im 19 now... male by the way.. I'm a big kid too 6'5" 250 lbs.. Im a basketball player). I've been on various lotions, and antibiotics, but for the past year I've been on proactiv. Proactiv has been somewhat helpful - but its only cleared about 30% of my acne.

My face is extremely sensitive - and proactiv always dries out my skin. I only use it because I've grown attached to it and am afraid that if I go off it - I will break out horribly. This happened before.

I've just started to follow the advice that I read here about...
1) no more popping / touching at all
2) use gentile cleaners
3) use luke warm water

I'm about to go off proactive and try a more natural / less chemical approach. I think with my new knowledge of acne I'll be able to follow a new routine better.

I'm thinking of using a gentile cleaner twice per day.. and then maybe a topical gel.. and definitely a moisturizer. Who knows - maybe I'll stay on proactive - using it once per day and then just use a moisturizer to help with the drying/cracking skin.

Any advice?

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