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So I have my first dermatologist appointment on Thursday and I'm kind of nervous. How do dermatologist appointments usually go? Should I bring the products that I currently use on my face to the appointment?

Also, I'm nervous that I'm just going to be put on Retin A and antibiotics again (both proved unsuccessful. They were prescribed by my GP). Do dermatologists repeat past treatments "just in case"?

Hi Blitz. I definitely understand your nervousness, I have had so many dermatology appointments over the the years it's incredible. And no two have ever been the same for me. All doctors are different and you're not sure quite what to expect... I still get kind of nervous sometimes. :)

I would suggest taking a pen and paper w/ you to take notes of anything the dermatologist tells you, i.e., products he suggests, instructions, etc, because sometimes they tell you so much that isn't included in the printed material, it can be easy to forget. Also, take a list of things you might want to ask the dermatologist. You might want to do research on some products before you go in. For instance, I had a derm that wouldn't prescribe me spironolactone (the only thing that has worked for me to date) because he had never heard of it being prescribed for acne. I brought in research on it (some which was referenced from these very boards!), and he prescribed it to me after conferring with another docter in the office. :D

Another tip: Let them know the situation. If you've cleared up some between now and that derm appointment, you must let them know how bad it was before. Aware them of your frustration. When I was 15 I was shy with doctors. I would sit there quietly, let them look at my face and be the judge. Tell them if you had a ginormous cyst earlier in the month or a terrible breakout before and how persistent those darn zits are- let them know the situation.

Also, keep reminding yourself that this appointment is for you, and that the derm should prescribe something that will be best for your situation. There have been times I had derms that were very quick w/ me and determined to put me on things that did not work for me (i.e., retin-a and antibiotics). I've also had some derms that were incredibly concerned, taking the time to talk to me about my history with acne, what products I'm using, asking me of any other problems I'm having that might be linked to the cause of the acne. This one derm I had was the best, she took a lot of time w/ me and checking my skin. She was the one who helped me realize my acne was hormonal related and was the first to put me on spironolactone which helped me a lot. Before that, I had never heard of that medicine before and I had been going to the derm for almost 7+ years.

If you have something in mind that you would like to take, try running it past your dermatologist. If they do try putting you on retin-a and/or antibiotics again, it might or might not work for you just depending on your situation. I knew it didn't work for me because I had taken this combo so many times. since you've taken it once before, they might try to get you to take it again. If you are dead set against it, make sure to let your derm know that. Good luck :)

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