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Re: Read Plz...
Mar 17, 2005

so you're paying out of pocket for this and you're not sure that it's even gonna work?! those laser treatments are sooooo expensive! i'd do a little more research before continuing, but that's just the typea gal i am-- tight fisted.

have you tried other products? antibiotics? topicals? those things, esp used together can be very effective. i would explore all alternatives before dropping a wad of cash on a treatment that you're not sure is going to work.

i get the insurance thing, it's a pain the @$$, and there are some really good prescription things that don't cost much. when i was broke, no insurance, and in college i was on doxycycline (antibiotic pill) and (generic) clindamycin lotion (topical), with a (prescrip) benzoyl peroxide cleanser, total cost was about $35/mo. this was a few years back, and prices have undoubtedly gone up since then, but it's worth a looksee imo. kept me clear until i got pregnant and couldn't use those things anymore.

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