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hey patti, i totally feel your pain. pimple popping is pretty controversial you know, and not often effective, as you found out, but there are ways of doing it, if it can be done. can it be done on the pimple in question? if it's just not going away and is deep under the skin, i would avoid further tampering, that will usually just make it worse.

first, wash with either a mild salicylic acid or glycolic acid cleanser and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly with very cold water. ice will make it redder, but that is very temporary, and if you keep it on there for at least 10 minutes should really help with the swelling. you could even use a frozen tea cube, like chamomile (soothing) or green tea (antioxidant). then i would dab it, very carefully, with a strong alcohol (i use the 99%, but BE CAREFUL!!) on a q-tip, then apply either 10% cortisone, like cortaid, or a 2-5% benzoyl peroxide or sulfur lotion only to the pimple!! these things are extremely drying, and may make it a bit scabby tomorrow, so you will need to use a bit of moisturizer in the morning to make your makeup stick and not look all icky, but it should work to at least get the thing to calm down a bit until you can get it to a professional. your derm can inject it with cortisone and it'll go away in a day.

good luck!

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