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Hey so my acne is not cystic or like huge bumps on the face. I get the tiniest of little white head bumps along my cheeks and jaw and chin and they are irritating. They are small and somewhat red and come along in packs with one another. They hurt to some extent but are so small. Yet they are quite noticiable. Also my skin is also more dry than not and i do feel as if dry skin may also be a cause for this. I use Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion and it works real well. At night I use jojoba oil and glycolic acid. Ive been using them for a week and while i dont see MUCH improvement, I guess i see somewhat of an improvement. I have a lot of red spots and irritation from the tiny whiteheads that i have to pop because its so easy to do and if i dont my face is itchy and hurts. I know its wrong to pop but its impossible for me not too. I am also eating healthier, taking vitamins and a liver detox pill. Does anyone know how long it takes for jojoba oil and glycolic acid to really kick in and start working. Also with the liver detox pill as well. ALL information will be greatly appreciated and if you also have this type of acne, not cystic but just little white bumps that barely make it across the surface and are so annoying then let me know how you have been treating them. Thanks a lot

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