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Hi all -

I just started taking Minocin today (100mg 2x a day) and am wondering how long it should take before I can see results if it works? (I have moderate acne. Has anyone seen fairly immediate results? I am in a wedding next month so am incredibly anxious to see fast results!

its definitely not an overnite pill. ive been taking it for 9 weeks so far (same dosage as you) and i still get quite a bit of new ones come up. i still cant get rid of the pre period flareups. i think my pimples that i do get on it are actually larger and more of the big red bump kind. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. wehn i talked to another derm, she said i can play around with the dosage. are you being strict on your dosage time? before i talked to this other derm, i was not eating anyting 3 hours before or after i would take it, and would ALWAYS take it at 10'oclock on the *** in the pm and am. just this monday i cut back to 100mg only at nite cus she said that much medicine was too much for my size. i think i have four active pimples right now. before i was on minio, i think i would also have about 4 active pimples--give or take a few. so i actually cant be really sure if its helped me much. good luck!!

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