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Re: Acne problem
Aug 7, 2005
everyone is different, of course, but for me, when I started doing less to my skin, it began to improve. I went off of birth control last year, and my skin began to breakout, getting slowly worse and worse. Up until about a month and a half ago, my cheeks were covered in small cystic acne clusters, my chin was full of small white heads and some cysts, and my forehead was completely covered in tiny bumps under the skin. I began reading threads on this site for ideas, and I wanted to try natural treatment. I had tried every otc topical and a few internals (no lasers), microdermabrasion, high frequency, facials, etc....
I stopped washing my face, first of all. Totally counter-intuitive, I know. I only use a cleanser if I've been wearing makeup (which I try to avoid). Otherwise I wash my face with water, and follow with a witch hazel cleansing cloth. That's it most days. I also started drinking lemon juice (a full lemon, everyday).
My skin really started clearing up after I started this (it takes a little while), and then when I was in Mexico for vacation and in the sea everyday, my skin got even better. So now once a day or so I do a sea salt "mask" and my skin is improving even more.

I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I wanted to give you some inexpensive, effective (for me) treatments so that you know there are alternatives to the harsh, time consuming, expensive (effective for some people, I'm sure...not me) treatments.

Also, I am 28 and have been dealing with acne off and on since I was about 17. So, as I am sure most people on this board can say, I've tried A LOT of stuff. The most important thing to me is staying positive, which I know seems impossible sometimes. But if there is one thing I know, it is that it is our attitude and personality that people remember. Our skin is just superficial, and I think walking around with a cloud over our heads is much more unattractive.
Only my opinion, I don't mean to offend or anything.
Anyways, hope I can help...

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