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Have you tried changing your diet?.I figured out soda was cuzing my acne and thought i would try going a couple of days without drinking any at all,wel i didnt get any new pimples and the 1's i had started going away.So i have stuck with it for about 2 weeks and still realy no new pimples.i do have like 3 right on my forehead like between my eyebrows.Those have been there since before i stopped the soda and they were pretty bad so i guess thats why they are taking so long to go away.Other than those though im still clear,i do have a couple of red marks from past pimples but those arent nothing compared to having the zit in its place.

Anyway i know the deit thing may not work for eveyone but its worth a shot,just try to see if you can think of anything you eat or drink that you sespect may be cuzing acne,and stop it.

Also i just want to note that soda is the only thing i have stopped,i still eat chocolate,chips,cookies all that kind of stuff.So junk food itself really isnt the cuz of some acne as some ppl my think,or atleast it isnt for me.

Well hope thats some help,maybe youve tried it but just thought i would post it incase you havnt.Good luck with your treatment,im not sure i could ever do that myself but i guess if i was as bad as you say,i would probly be at the end of my ropes as well.
Good on you won't regret it...even if it only lasts for a few will at least have a few months of clear skin and that is a great experience....but anyways i'll cross my fingers for yo uthat you don't relapse and good luck.
I am on day two of accutane and was just like you deltoro. I didn't want to go on it but did as a last resort and like you I went out and stocked up on everything. Now though I am very excited about it, I don't care about the side effects if I think about what my skin will look like in 5 months from now it will all be worth it. Exspecialy after my Derm told me that I would probably have acne well into my 40's if I didn't do the accutane (I am almost 27 and have had acne since age 11). 5 months is a small sacrifice after thinking of all the years I would have suffered. and as far as the above comment about diet goes, I cut out all sugar, caffeine, and fatty foods from my diet and broke out worse than ever! so food doesn't make a difference. Good Luck deltoro. Keep posting and I will to with my progress. This board helps with support!!
Will do Carebear 26 I am the same age 27. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, thanks for the good wishes senoflys. Your right at this point it would be worth a few months of clear skin! And to my other two posters, yes, I have been on a strict diet since I was pretty much a fetus, no currently on a strict diet, but it has never been enough to control my devil acne! Like I said, I will keep you guys posted on my progress and hope to hear about yours as well!
[QUOTE=deltoro]Will do Carebear 26 I am the same age 27. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, thanks for the good wishes senoflys. Your right at this point it would be worth a few months of clear skin! And to my other two posters, yes, I have been on a strict diet since I was pretty much a fetus, no currently on a strict diet, but it has never been enough to control my devil acne! Like I said, I will keep you guys posted on my progress and hope to hear about yours as well![/QUOTE]

I had been on a strict diet for months when I had one of the worst breakouts of my life and now I am on my first week of accutane. I am 24 years old and have been suffering w/ acne since I was a teen. It runs in my family and what I eat has little effect on my cystic condition as well.
hey deltoro, you did it! and it sounds like yer all geared up for it too. i know it's a tough decision to make, i really hope that it works out for you. when you were at the derm did he take care of the cysts that you already have? how soon are you going back for yer 1st checkup? i know most people go in every month, i hafta go every 2 weeks! pain in the ***, but worth it. i had cysts, like you, although just one or two right near my mouth, until i started accutane, then i got a whole bunch! very painful, and take it from me, when it gets bad, CALL THE DOC!! let'im inject those suckers right away! i broke out pretty regularly until recently, i'm almost to month five, and have been mostly clear the last coupla weeks-- i have 3 pimples on my left cheek, and one on my neck. with makeup i look pretty good nowadays, it's amazing. no more cysts!

as far as supplies and side effects, i've been pretty free of most side effects, dry eyes, a very little back pain, which i'm prone to anyway, but extremely dry lips. my lips peel completely off several times each day. but my whole skin care schtick really hasn't changed much. i use a 1.5% s/a wash twice/day (against the advice of my doc, btw), cleosin lotion twice/day, and murad's perfecting lotion only when needed. on my body however, i've been much more careful, since it seems to be much drier, so soap only where really needed, exfoliating cream everywhere else, followed by that olay in shower lotion stuff, the stuff you put on then rinse off, you know? then i use either lubriderm or keri body lotion. seems to be working pretty well.

i did have to give up my contacts altogether while i'm on the treatment, as my eyes were sensitive to contacts before, but on the tane they were absolutely unbearable, felt like the lenses were glued to my eyeball. but my glasses are pretty cute, so i don't mind too much. but my hair hasn't fallen out, my nose hasn't bled, and my nails have never been stronger, thanks to all the lotion i use now!

just make sure you have two things with you at all times:

1- lip balm, ulta has a very nice one that stays on for a long time
2- small tube of lotion, doesn't matter what kind, but you will need it every time you wash your hands or you'll regret it soon enough!

sorry this is so long, but i know you were really unsure as to whether you wanted to do this therapy and i wanted to gush a bit, i guess, and commiserate. i hope it goes well for you, but if you hit some bumps, don't trip, and come in here, we're all here for you! gooooood luck! ali
You won't regret the decision to take it! I'm on day 53 and it was the best thing I ever did. I wish I had started it 5 years ago. It could have saved me a lot of anguish and a lot of scarring. Good luck!
[QUOTE=Enfyniti1980]You won't regret the decision to take it! I'm on day 53 and it was the best thing I ever did. I wish I had started it 5 years ago. It could have saved me a lot of anguish and a lot of scarring. Good luck![/QUOTE]
Hi Enfy, I just finished my first week of accutane and I was wondering how long did it take for you to notice an improvement?
well i just started taking accutane 10 days ago (took my 10th pill today!)
i have already experienced side effects.... not so bad tho really, everything i expected: dry lips, dry and flaky skin, and sometimes i get really nauseous (sp?) sometimes but that could very well be from the birth control pills my derm prescribed me. the only thing that sucks is my scalp is soooo itchy!!! omg and my hair is so thin as it is i am deathly afraid my hair is gonna fall out and thin really badly once i've been on accutane for a while... has anyone had this problem while on accutane? i've heard it's not that common but how do you suppose i could prevent this from happening? any ideas? also, my skin has broken out significantly worse along my jawline and lower cheeks but is now starting to clear up a bit as it is approaching the end of 2 weeks, and im hoping it'll clear up permanently for the most part.
what is everyone's experience with the way your acne was while on accutane? (i.e., did you break out, for how long, etc.)
thanks everyone and also good luck to you deltoro! im sure you will be soooo unbelievably happy when it's all said and done. my one friend had uber bad acne and it was all the cytic pimples, and even though she had some unpleasant side effects she said being in a little discomfort with acne, dry skin and lips, etc for 6 months is well worth a lifetime of an amazingly clear face - her skin has been acne free for over 2 years now since!

I think it is wonderful that you are being pro-activ about accutane. It is a serious drug with many side effects if the right pre cautions are not taken. In fact, after reading your post, I completely related to everything you did prior to going on the medicine. I am a true believer of "holistic" medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and homeopathy. I, as well, did some liver detoxes before and currently while on accutane. But, before I went on accutane, I tried it all to discover the culprit of my acne. I eliminated sugar from my diet because I discovered I am sensitive to it, I did every "natural" remedy (homeopathy, acupuncture, fasting to eliminate all toxins) , I had 3 sessions of the smoothbeamlaser, but my acne was persistent. It was actually worsened after the smoothbeam. I am on my 10th week of accutane. And I am happy to say that I am seeing wonderful results with tolerable side effects. My lower back bothers me from time to time, but that's all at the moment. My lips are not dry at all. Maybe once per week... they get really dry and exfoliate themselves. I was very nervous about accutane because my body is very sensitive. But, (knock on wood) I have been doing really well. I think it is, also, because my regimen is very strict.

1. I take Omega-3 fatty acid capsules (supposedly countereffects depression)
2. little sugar bc your teeth get dry and many people develop cavaties after accutane
3. Vit E capsules
4. I wash my face with all Dr. Hauschka products. My lips LOVE the lip care stick. I think this is why my lips have not been as chapped. Other chapsticks can be addictive. This line is a little pricey, but to me it is well worth it. It is all natural.
5. Humidifier in my room.
6. LOTS of water everyday
7. no drinking
8. nioxin for hair
9. I have a kick *** insurance plan through my job that covers acupuncture. so, i get it every few weeks.
10. I am on liver detoxes (homeopathy) to make sure everthing is being flushed.
11. Borage oil capsules
12. I am not drinking alcohol at all
13. I am a contact wearer. I wear my contacts to work (Complete Moisture Plus has been my solution). I ll put some refresh tears in my eyes before bed. DO NOT USE VISINE! Make you use natural tears.
14. Make up: Jane Iredale has a wonderful line of make up (again, a little pricey...but, well worth it.) It is the Purepressed Base with spf 17. It works really well esp on the red marks left over from your acne when your face begins to clear.
15. really good vitamins.

So, continue to be vigilant about your health (on and off accutane). You ll notice you re body will appreciate it!

Good Luck.
Good Luck, Deltoro. Welcome aboard the long journey... Anyway questions, just ask.
Second pill today. Is really necessary to put the picture of the pregant lady with a big red X on every blister tab, for every pill I will ever take? I mean good god, I had to take 2 pregancy test, hear 3 lectures, sign 5 forms, and start taking the pill before I started taking the accutane. Is seeing that prego lady and my possible cone headed baby on every pill really necessary? Is that what society has come to? That everything has to be so dumbed down because no one will take any personal responsibility for anything anymore? ok that rant is over, it just really bothers me. Ok back to the real subject pill #2. I woke up with things that where horrible looking just bad, which is progress. I think the change to cetaphil wash and moisturizer help as well. My lips are already a little chapped, just a small change. I think at this point I am playing mind games with myself as to the possible side effects, so I just need to chill out and do some more yoga and try not to worry about it because I have taken all the possible precautions.
I am taking 49mg currently, I am sure that I will get bumped up when I go back to the derm next month. No problem, eating a balanced diet has really helped with the way I feel on this med., I would be feeling pretty miserable right now had I not fixed that up front. I am bad about skipping breakfast, drinking lots of coffee, a small lunch and and a small dinner. I just needed more balance in my diet to help my body out while on accutane. I have also noticed my bowel movements have become more frequent, I am having one to two more a day than I normally would, and they have a funny smell. Its a solid stool, so I am not worried about it, guess its just my bodies way of purging on the accutane. It sounds weird, but I always notice my bowel movements, its a good way to make sure things are ok in your body!
Update on day four, over all feeling pretty good, starting to get some white heads. Little more dry skin, nothing out of control. I went to the farmers market today and got a little sunburned just being out in the sun for about 45 minutes. I also went shopping and came out of the store, I hadn't put my sun glasses on yet and it was a nice sunny day. I thought I had walked onto the sun! I was absolutely blinded by the light! I couldn't believe it, I put my sun glasses on but it was a little startling how sensitive my eyes where to the sun.
[QUOTE=deltoro]he counted 25 cyst[/QUOTE]

Holy crap!! 25?!! OUCH!! :eek:

So sorry that you broke out badly esp. as you'd been really good with the food thing. Even though I avoid pills 25 cysts would definately make me run to the derm for drugs!!

Good luck with accutane, I hope it works out for you. :)
Pill 14, my skin is clearing so well and the red marks are fading in lighting speed, I can't even believe it. Even if it last just one more day before another breakout, its nice not to have to worry about it as much as I use to! It would be too easy for my face just to clear up like this, so I am not holding my breath or kidding myself that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. I just didn't expect to see this much dramatic improvement in such a short time. Hope everyone is doing well. I will probably have a sob story for you tommorow, but hey today is today and I am looking pretty good!
:wave: Hi there glad you took the plunge. I loved the accutane and after 4 years I am going on it again and I wanted to tell you even after ur treatment you may still have some of these side effects for some time as I did. I just wanted to give you some really good advice and anyways sounds like your being causious enough thats good.
Keep your nose well lubricated at night use your vaseline with Q-tips apply lil in the inside of the nasal. I never realized as was my first time of course that this could be a problem if I did'nt use it.
Also do take your lenses out at night regaurdless dont mean to scare you but I never did even though I woke with my eyes glued shut and learned the hard way my vision in my left eye was damaged, I wore glasses for six months to correct it. Even after my courses of Accutane these were the things that still continued to be a problem for at least six months after going off the treatment. I was impressed that you are also smart enough to use the humidifier.
I am on day two of my second treatment after 4 years, my acne came back because I didnt take it long enough I jus thought "wow I am clear" and stopped so this go round will be 4 months and I will take it all this time.
Good luck :D
Hi, I am so sorry about your Mcky D's attack and what it did to your skin. My sad story is I have only weighed 92 lbs since I started growing I am 27 years old and have did everything to gain weight, weight gainer, vitamines I have did it all and most people tell me all the time "some people would love to be your size" but there are skinny people out there whos self esteem is dead because they are too skinny. Anyway I never even paid attention to diet because I would basically eat anything always have, thinking one day I'll hop on a scale and have gained at least a few lbs, but because of that could be resulting in my cystic acne although my dad suffered it and still does at the age of 53 and now my brother bless him because hes so good looking. I know my acne runs down from my father but I believe I will think hard about diet and more healthy foods that is if I can even learn my health food ABC's "terrible" :confused: of me I know.
Sweet Angel,
I have been on some sort of diet for my weight since I was a fetus!!! It is predisposed in my family so I really have to watch it. I have it under control but continue to try most of the time to eat a really clean healthy diet but as you read I am weak at times and eat crap. I understand its not always greener on the other side though, I would have been one of those people a few years ago that would have told you I would love to be your weight, but I became friends with someone that looks like a supermodel on the outside, but she stresses about weighing too little as well and she is almost 6 foot tall, so from being friends with her I realize how that can effect you just as much as being over weight. You can still eat a healthy diet and one that will help you gain weight. I would go to your local health food grocery store and ask for recommendations on a diet from the people that work there. Our local coop organic grocery store is great, the people that work there are very knowledgable and always willling to help and most work as homoepaths in private clinics as their other job. Good luck to you!
Thank You! I am getting there, everyday I make a little progress. As for my diet as a combo for maintaining my weightloss and trying to limit any extra toxins put into my body, so my liver doesn't have to work overtime to process them, and send the extras out of my body via the skin(acne) and better regulate my hormones..less cystic acne.. through diet I try to eat unprocessed organic foods and follow the FDA food pyramid to make sure I am eating a balanced diet. I try to do yoga everyday, it is good to squeeze toxins out of the body.
Hang in there, Deltoro. Just know... there is a light (a huge light) at the end of the tunnel. See this as a "growing" experience. I am on Week 12 and I must say... I have seen dramatic results. Accutane is potent stuff... but, keep doing the good things for your body. Your body will repay you...HUGE! Keep your head up... and vent. That is what these threads are for.
hey deltoro! glad to hear you're doing alright with the tane. 'they' always say to use the cetaphil, but i'm too scared to use anything that isn't formulated specifically for acne. i've been using murad's acne cleanser, it's really gentle, but has a 1.5% sa to keep down swelling and bacteria. also, since my doc upped my dose to 80mgs a month or two ago, the dryness has become quite apparent. embarrassing, almost made me want the acne back! haha. seriously, huge patches of dry skin, right around my mouth in particular, and anywhere there was a pimple, it was sooo gross! picking the flakes off does NOT help, but it will give you gooey, bloody little 'owies' as my son says. also gross. now i put aquaphor on the dry patches at night and scrub them off with some of that st. ives stuff in the morning, and use murad's 'skin perfecting lotion' before my foundation, clinique, superfit makeup, i think. working like a charm, not a drop of cetaphil to be found. and clindamycin lotion before everything, night and day. for the occasional spot treatment i've been using murad's sulphur spot treater, not sure what it's called, at night only.

btw- i'm not necessarily a murad devotee, that was the last otc product that i tried before getting on the tane, so i have plenty of it. it works, smells good and lasts a long time. i still haven't decided if i'm going to reorder when i run out.

but deltoro, i'm 99% clear!!! i never thought it would happen for me. it is like a miracle. i still have the red marks on my cheeks and jaw from the cysts i got in november, december and january, but they are so much easier to cover than the cysts were, lemme tellya! i sooo hope this happens for you, it's amazing to look (almost) like a real girl (as such) again. i still avoid mirrors, but am not horrified when i do catch a glimpse, there's not a monster there anymore. it's been 5 1/2 months now, hopefully i can get off this stuff soon, i'd like to enjoy a frosty adult beverage sometime.... *sigh*

best, ali
enfyni, my dosage was all over the place in the beginning as i had a really severe reaction, from january to about march i was on 40mgs tane and 20mgs prednisone every day, and going to the derm every two weeks for injections-- i was getting some seriously brutal cysts on my jaw in particular. about march-ish (i really don't keep as good a track of this stuff as so many other people do, i just kinda plug away, day at a time) derm and i agreed that since i was seeing him so regularly anyway, we might as well double the dosage of the tane, and keep the predinsone. prednisone is no joke, btw, i put on about 10 lbs on that stuff, all bloaty and uncomfy. just about beginning of april i started seeing real progress with my skin and (FINALLY) went to an injection-free visit to my derm, and made an appt for 5 (!!) weeks later, instead of 2. now i'm on 80mgs tane/day and 10 mgs predisone every other day, coming off it altogether over a period of weeks.

i hafta say, i'm a skeptic by nature, and this stuff was giving me no reason to hope, other than some testimonials and the constant reassurance of my derm and his staff. but it is finally starting to really work. i can hardly believe it, honestly.

this hasn't come w/out it's price, i'm getting hammered by my "insurance" company on the labs, my husband is giving me a ration of sh** for it too, and it's been an extremely long 5 1/2 months, with no definate end date in sight. my cholesterol is up, as are my triglycerides, and if they're not better in my next lab work i may have to go on lipitor or something like that. but it really is amazing to not wake up with fresh pain and humiliation every day. there's nothing oozing, bulging or otherwise growing and being gross on my face anymore, and the lumps that i always had in my neck, indicating the big, fat infection lingering under my skin, are gone. Gone!!

i am so optimistic now. i'm going to vegas with some girlfriends over memorial weekend and i'm gonna be smokin! i don't have to hide anymore.

i so wish this for all of us, and believe it will happen. my derm was right, it just takes time.

also, i know this is long, but here goes- i am so happy that i could inspire a little bit of hope. that can be in such short supply as the struggle continues and continues. i know that i was inspired by so many others on this board and i'm so happy to be able to give a bit back. luckluckluckluckluckluckluckluckluck!!! best, ali
thanks deltoro. means much. i totally get what yer talking about. like, we'll never be finished with the sa face washes, never be able to eat all the junk we want, never be able to sleep on week-old pillow cases, never be able to go to bed w/ makeup on. sucks, but at least there's some hope, eh?

we've all worked so hard, spent so many $$, endured so much already, would be so nice if we could cure this and be done with it. oh well, c'est la vie, eh? things could be so much worse. small consolation, but there it is. at least we have good personalities! *lol* there's NO fix for a bad personality.

deltoro, you exercise every DAY?! impressive.
del, yer a stud. g'on girl! with your good personality and yer tallness and yer lean bod, lucky! *lol* you've accomplished much, it seems. that kind of weight loss is sooo hard, no small thing to overcome, the force is strong with you. but i still can't believe you exercise every day, that is quite a force of will. very disciplined. i'm envious, being the lazy chic i tend to be. *sigh* like right now, i'm supposed to be doing laundry. stupid clothes!
Ali, thanks for the props, but I am laughing as I read it! Believe me when I say I am possibly the laziest human being on earth! It is an uphill battle everyday, mind over matter for sure!
Juci, I am sorry you are having trouble right now, I know extactly how you feel it is embarrasing to see someone from the past when you face has exploded, you always want them to still see what a mistake they made not being with you and how great you look, even if you dumped them and don't care anymore! I had been thinking of you while I have been on my treatment, my face is slowly progressing. No one else would look at my face and see a big improvement, but I see some. It has been a month and it is a big job being on accutane, you have to take really good care of yourself, but I think you are up to it if that is what you decided to do. My intial breakout, I am not sure about my skin was so bad it was hard to know when or if I was relly having one. I had days that my skin was worse, but not sure you could qualify that as an intial breakout, I guess its all about prespective, maybe what i consider progress is an intial breakout for someone else who skin wasn't as bad as mine. So its hard to say. I am on 40mg a day, but I will go back to the derm next thursday for a check up, so I am pretty sure he will up my dosage. I am nervous about that. Let me know if you have any more questions and keep your head up! Things will get better!
Thanks for the words, I appreciate it!!! Yeah, Exactly- I broke off the relationship, but I still feel like.. Well, when he sees me now, I want him to be like Whoaaaa.. Not... "whoaa what happened?" Ya know?? So, I'm absolutely dreading tomarrow.
Yeah, I definately am the type who would take care of myself excessively on Accutane. Stocking up on the heaviest body creams, face creams, lip balms..eating well, drinking alot of water..etc. It almost feels like an adventure to me, but yet- I'm not sure if I want to take on that adventure because of the possible scary effects.
I just don't want to make a mistake, ya know? This is a serious drug, not to be taken lightly- and I don't want any adverse effects..although thnking about a life with much less, or NO acne at all seems somehow worth the risk. I want that so badly.
I'm going back to the derm soon, so I will discuss my options and weigh the pros and cons of treatments. I'm just sick of trying things that don't work. I didn't even want to bother with antibiotics because I took them alot as a child, and I'm pretty sure I'm almost immune to most types- and I think I was right because they barely helped me, and now at the end of the 3 months on doxy- I am broken out 10 times worse than I was before taking it. So not only did it not work, but i think any bacteria I did have, it became the scary, immune bacteria that people talk about after taking antibiotcs.
Alright.. Well, please keep me updated on your course. I know it will work for you. I'm so afraid of the initial breakout. I mean, as terrible as I'm broken out right IS manageable under make up- it doesnt look good, it barely looks decent but its manageable. I don't want to end up with out of control cysts and insane huge whiteheads all over a million times worse....
Thanks guys for your comments it helps but things in perspective. I am not the kind of person that wears their heart on their sleeve, I was just so taken back I couldn't react at all! Well today is a fairly good skin day nothing major going on. I have been using aloe vera on my face at night instead of cetaphil moisturizer and I have had better results, I had a sneaking suspscion that it the cetaphil was breaking me out using it 2x a day so I just use it before my makeup in the morning now. Sunday night it go very cold here, I had forgotten I left my bedroom window open from that afternoon and it got to 33* here and I had turned on the humidifier in my bedroom and went to bed, the next morning I woke up with a sore throat! Of course I am uber paranoid that it is the accutane causing the irritation, but logically I can connect what really happened since this has not been a problem before! I am also beining really paranoid about my hair so I switched to nioxin shampoo and cond fulltime instead of switching out with regular shampoo, just for piece of mind. The biotin has really helped with the dry scalp I was having, I am not having any more problems.Do you see the trend here? I am being paranoid!!!! 28 days, they have flown by! Headed back to the derm on Thursday..still nervous!
Accutane is a miracle! Of course, it will take about a month before you start seeing real results, but it is so worth it. Don't be too frightened by all the bad stuff you may hear about Accutane. I had HORRIBLE acne before going on Accutane.. it caused me to have the worst flare up of my life around week 3...but then after that, everything just magically started drying up and going away - literally. After Accutane, my skin looked the best it has ever looked. I went from hiding my face under layers and layers of makeup (sometimes I even styled my hair so it would fall into my face to hide the cysts :eek: !) to being able to walk outside without ANY makeup, fully confident. :eek: The completely clear skin lasted about a year and a half afterwards.. now I am starting to see it come back again :rolleyes: But NOTHING like it was before, that is for sure! I would recommend Blistex Silk and Shine for your lips, it works wonders while on Accutane! Good luck - you're on the road to beautiful skin!! :angel:

Those comments from those pinheads really ticked me off! I remember I went into a convenience store to buy windshield fluid (during my initial break out) and the guy at the cash register begins telling me that I have really bad acne (no ***** sherlock!) and that he has this soap that I can purchase from him that will clear me up. Thanks, but MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Honestly, no one understands the effects of acne other than those that go through it. No, this is not a serious disease that will kill you. But, the emotional effects can cause an unhealthy, isolated lifestyle. I know, on several occasions, I have been pointed out and asked "what do you think it is? what do you think is causing your acne?" And the most frustrating part is that I eat better than the average american... so, it ISNT something I or any of us are doing. Countless times, I have heard "You would be so gorgeous if your face cleared up." and it was worse overseas. But, it is actually funny, as my face clears up... I still notice my gestures and reactions (as an insecure girl hiding her face) are still there. I guess that something I ll have to work on...

On another note, a friend of mine recommended getting a hair analysis to detect heavy metals. In addition, she recommended checking certain vitamins deficiencies and/or abundancies which may be causing acne. I will try and keep you updated on what I discover and if it contributes to the acne. I, also, do think that it is a possibility that the strep is linked to the accutane. Not directly, but accutane does weaken your immune system... therefore making you more susceptibe to sicknesses. If you can, I would recommend a really good vitamin C and the vitamin called quercertin. It will boost your immune system which you need right now. Also, check if you can get some liver homeopathy to make sure your liver is properly functioning and flushing out. Honestly, I am in my 14 week. My side effects are so minimal. My ND says that I responded really well to the drug bc my body is functioning properly and my liver is being supported.and my derm is so impressed with my progress with my dose. He says the standard is 120mg per kg of body weight. It doesnt matter how long (atleast 20 weeks). But, that is the standard derms are coming up with. I started clearing my 5 th week... so , you should begin to see results soon. But, again, everyone is different.

Keep popping the pill... the results will follow! Did your derm up your dose?

Because vitamins are not regulated by the FDA (which they should be), many vitamin formulas contain sugar, yeast, etc. (foods that people tend to be sensitive to). In addition, they may contain artificial additives. I think it s great that you try and get your vitamins from food sources. Those, in general, are the best forms! But, while on accutane, it is best to support your immune system, in order to function as best as it can. I am a middle school teacher on accutane... I am around germs all day. My school has no windows (haha... kinda weird). So, I know that all my precautions are helping me. Knock on wood for the last haul.

I take the following vitamins (name brands in parenthesis):
1. AM vitamin (Advanced Vitamin Research) one in the AM
2. PM vitamin(AVR) one in the PM
3. Omega 3 fatty acids (Nordic Naturals- Artic Omega- 1000 mg)(1 with each meal - 3 per day) **
4. Vitamin E 400 IU(AVR) 1 in AM **
5. Borage oil (BioTech) 1 in AM; 1 in PM
6. Calcium (AVR) 1 in AM; 1 in PM
7. Vitamin C (AVR) one in AM; 1 in PM **
8. Quercertin (not sure... I dont have the container... probably AVR or BIO TECH)
9. acidofilus (sp?) (HMF-powder form, mix and drink) this helps make sure you bowel movement is functioning properly...again...body flushing itself of toxins.

The oils are highly recommended while on accutane. Think about it... you are drying your body out...anything that can "lubricate" you while pose positive benefits. In addition, the omega 3 assists in counteraffecting depression caused by accutane. My vitamins do have vit A in it. I double checked with my Dr. and he said it wasnt enough to affect me. The ones that I starred are the ones that I have found most effective. Check online to see if you can get them. Not sure if health food stores sell them.

I , also, take homeopathic drops. I take UNDA. You can research it online. I take numbers 20, 243, and 1. My blood work has not even budged! I take 7 drops of each under my tongue in the AM and PM. No food 15 min. prior or after. Stay away from mint (toothpaste, gum, etc.) for atleast 1-2 hours before and after.

If I do feel myself getting sick, I do WET SOCKS. This sounds crazy, but it works. First, I put a pair of cotton socks in ice cold water. Then, I take a hot shower. When I get out, I put the cold socks on.... and a pair of wool socks. Jump into bed... (kinda annoying sleeping with socks) When I wake in the morning, the socks are dry. I do it for about 3 days and I feel better. It is hydrotherapy. Your body releases your fever through your feet in order to dry the socks. there fore you let the fever pass... quite interesting! worth a shot, if interested.

My philosophy about accutane is that you NEED to be good to your body while on it. You need to take extra care of it and take all the precautions. It is a serious drug...if it wasnt... we would nt need to get monthly blood tests and it would not be as controversial as it is... Deltoro, keep me updated about how you feel. If you have ANY questions, ask. I was right where you were 10 weeks ago... so, any help I could give.... I would love to give!
Eternal Bliss

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge in your post! I will get on this ASAP. I can weed through most things, but vitamins have always been a difficult thing for me so I really appreciate your help. I went to my one month check up today. I am down from 25 active cyst to just 10! Which is a drastic improvement for me. My test where all fine, and guess what? I am not big suprise there! My dosage was upped to 60mg every other day, 40 on the others, he did the whole math formula on my dosage after I agreed to the new dosage, so I was impressed he spent the time to show me where we where headed with the treatment. I have had 3 people today tell me they can see a big difference that my face is starting to dry out, so I am fired up about that! All in all a good day! Eternal Bliss, again much thanks for helping me sort this out.. one month down!

Even if your acne is hormonal, the accutane should help. My Dr. said the hormonal acne is, usually, the hardest to "tame," but with patience it will pass. Good Luck. I hope you clear up!
Hey anytime, no big deal. When I finally decided to go on accutane, I thought about it this way. I made a promise to myself that if I started seeing horrible side effects, such as loosing my hair or unbearable aches and whatnot that I would just stop the treatment. Believe me I am just about the unluckiest person you will ever meet in your life. For instance I have never meet anyone else that was hit with the game football at a football game three weeks in a row!!! I was just in the end field walking with some friends headed to the bathroom, consession stand, and out to the parking lot and got hit three times in a row with the game ball. SO believe me I understand you thinking you might be the one that has the bad side effects or it won't work for, I have bad luck and so far, so good. Like I said you can always stop your treatment.
on 20 mg a day you might not have any side effects at all, on 40 I have had no real drying on my face just chapped lips about a week or so into the treatment, good luck to you!
Deltoro- That's a really good point. I didn't think of it like that. Hmmm.. See that, you made me think. Well, all i know is it is a huge challenge to have to go out today and face people, because of the huuuge cyst on my cheek- and the drying up cysts that make my makeup look AWFUL.. so yeah, today is definately a bad day.

The neck breakout doesn't sound too bad. I'm hoping it all stops soon for you.
howdy all! just thought i'd check in w/ fellow sufferers here. all is going pretty well, but i did get a coupla pimples over the weekend. apparently it's not that great of an idea to crash in yer makeup two nights in a row. and, i confess, i did drink beer. i couldn't seem to help myself. actually, i showed quite a bit of restraint and only had three over three days, not too bad. i wished i could have had more, much more, as i was out w/ girlfriends at a concert, away from the man&child for the entire weekend. oh well. only a coupla months left to go!

i'm interested in the jergins lotion. del, you say that stuff really works? no bad smell? or streaks? since i turned 30 last year (and 31 is right around the corner- aah!!), no more tanning for me, but i hafta do SOMETHING!! i can't just run around all greenish white all the time, with my bruises showing and whatnot. pants are not an option, it is HOT here.

have you tried that sally hansen leg makeup? that works pretty well too, but it's a spray, kinda messy. and not moisturizing.

juici, what are you currently using for your acne? scripts, or otc? i'm so sorry you're having a bad skin day. i go up and down. i'll have a good day, then later that afternoon i'll start peeling and it's all downhill from there. so the cysts are gone, still working on the pimples, but the flaking has got to go. if it's not one thing it's another!

now i'm on a search to find something to lighten the marks that are left behind. i've read that shiseido has some good stuff. i'm shopping this weekend, i'll post in if i find anything good.
Hey guys! Glad you stopped by. Ali you are having too much fun!! If there is such a thing. Glad you had a good time, sometimes things have to slide, skin is huge but so if FUN. I am totally loving the lotion. It slowly deposits a self tanner everyday, and in about a week you have a nice glow. If it works for me it will work for anyone, I am way to afraid to try anything that comes out of a can! It is called jergens natural glow daily moisturizer, pick some up and you will love it, a great body moisturizer and a self tanner in one, its fool proof and you kill two birds with one stone, I love it! It cost about four bucks, and apparently it is getting very hard to find so I ran back to walmart and bought six more tubes! I can't take a chance not having any!! No my neck isn't too bad, just a shock after being pretty clear for a few weeks. It will pass! Juci, keep your head up, I know it sucks when you can't even hide things with makeup, I have gone whole days not looking directly at people because of my face!!!!Talk to you girls lata!
Hello all,

6 weeks into treatment and I have had some ups and downs this week. My skin freaked out a bit this week. Intinally as you all know I thought it was the uppage in my dose but when I looked at the calendar I realized that it was the week before my period, so that doesn't help either! Things have really calmed down and almost everything is drying up except for a few spots. Both sides of my face are looking much better I can actually see white skin on my checks not just one huge red inflamed area. This is very exciting to me. I had been lax about taking my prohibotics, but have gotten back on the wagon with that one. I am not having any real change from my new dosage which I am very pleased about, thought it might be hard times. I know most people have hair issues, and I did have dry scalp the first week and a half or so that made me miserable, but I take biotin and use nioxin and let me tell you I have always had good hair and fairly thick, I get it thinned out when I get my hair cut. But with the nioxin and the biotin and good diet, my hair has busted out like never before, it looks unbelievable. I had a long conversation with my hairstylist(my best friend) about what might happen to my hair so we where very carefull. She was freakin out when she saw my hair last week and how she was having to trim so much and thin more usual out. Weird but not bad! So my hair is fab, I have a nice glowy tan from the jergens and my skin is fairly clear! Life is good! I hope everyone is doing well!

Realsad, not sure of your situation, but I do believe it should be a very last resort for treatment. If this is the case you should speak to your derm regarding treatment and go from there!
hey del, you sound great! what an attitude you have girl, i'm so jealous. but i'm so happy for you, sounds like you're treating yourself well. i gotta get some of that jergens!! i couldn't find it at the grocery, they had every other kind of jergens tho. and some coppertone thing that claimed to be the same, but i'm not taking any chances. i'll have to try target today. when i go shopping for new shoes for vegas-w/out-my-husband-- eeeee!!!

have you been washing your hair every day, or more every other? i've been going every other or so and rinsing and conditioning in between, but it's still getting pretty dry. and it seems to be totally falling out, it's all over everywhere, but i still seem to have plenty left, as i too have always had really thick hair. i don't know what the heck is going on. i'll tellya tho', i am so ready to be done with this medication! i catch every cold, and of course it's spring now so there are allergies to deal with too. not to mention the sun. the sun! used to be my friend, now it just burns me. that never, ever used to happen. ever! whaaaa? argh!

hey supasta, i have a ?? for you, (congratulation, btw! now i guess i'll have to go to the movies!) i'm thinking about auditioning for a film that's going to be shot here, but am pretty nervous about the "freckles" that are still all over my cheeks and jaw. i'd be interested in your opinion. due to the acne, i've been on about three auditions over the last five years, and i'm pretty sure my nervousness has prevented me from booking a single job. all the other girls seem tohave such nice creamy skin, ya know? what do you think? you don't seem to be slowed down too much by this. i try, but keep chickening out. just a teeeeensy bit of confidence i lack utterly. i have just enough to go to the grocery store, know what i'm saying here? okay, enough of that!

hey juici! still thinking about the tane? i don't know that i would recommend it, necessarily, if you can find something else that works, i would totally go for that. how long have you been taking the doxy? i took that for years and it really worked, but taking antibiotics for long periods of time, imo, not good for the health. i read somewhere online that there is a type of acne that results, primarily in women, from long term antibiotic use. Gram-Negative Folliculitis. might be what i have, but i don't really know. my derm just calls it acne, then we talk about vacations (one of my fave subjects!) and home improvements and stuff like that. i can be kinda scatterbrained sometimes. imo, the tane, truly a last resort, but it has been really working for me. not pleasant, i'm itchy a lot now, weird, hair kinda dry, sick all the time (but i have a kindergartener at home so some of that is to be expected), and am getting sunburns for the first time in my life, but my skin is looking so much better. everytime i see someone i haven't in awhile they comment on it. slightly obnoxious, but so much better than when i was looking bad and they wouldn't say anything, just stare or look away, you know how it goes. they either can't not look or can't look at all, but they can't seem to just look ya in the eyes. i hated that.

anyhoo, enough of my blather, i know i go on and on. realsad, you really should see a derm asap. best of luck to you! ali
ANYTIME! and by the way its all true,I am not just humoring you! Thank god you are going to win me some money, I am tired of having to work!! I want to sit around and eat bon bons all day just like Peggy Bundy! Today is 43 days in to the tane, my face is still blowing up just about everyother day. Its weird, I will have two good skin days and then a blow up. I am guessing it has to do with my increased dosage every other day. It could be much worse so I am still not stressing over it. Did you find any Jergens at target? A lady I work with told me I looked all bronzy and healthy today like I had been on vacation. Its a distraction from the disaster on my face right now! All smoke and mirrors and miss direction!! Gotta go and do the yoga booty ballet...till next time!
Hey girls- Sounds like everything is going fairly well for you!! That's good to hear, but I can't say the same.

Basically.. I'm still getting cysts, I'm still unhappy- in fact, I'm probably ACTUALLY depressed for the first time in my life. I just feel completely exhausted by my skin. I know it sounds like it's a little much, but honestly- I can't get used to looking at my face like this... and I can't get used to it being scarred from something that is so small..but so huge. I already have some light scarring and alot of red marks.. and this can never heal if I continue to break out with the monsterous cysts, ya know?? I just feel completely hopeless.. I will never get my skin back to the way it was.

And since I've been so upset, I have had no energy and want to sleep alot. That isn't like me at all, so it's a little scary. I know that I will pull myself out of it, but right now- it just consumes me.

So, you don't reccomend accutane?? So far nothing has worked. Not retin a micro, not doxy, not BP, not birth control pills..etc. Im on the doxy 3 months now.. so, if it hasn't worked by now- it's not working.
I'm basically at my wit's end... I dont know what to do, or where to go from here. My appt got cancelled somehow at the derm, so I am going June 6th. We shall see...we shall see.
Thanks! I definitely learned my lesson. I don't think I'll be able to shave my legs again for like a week now though. Good thing my boyfriend is out of town! :)
hi juici! i am so sorry to hear about your skin! i know just exactly what you are going through, and it soooo sucks. i wouldn't recommend the accutane EXCEPT as an absolute last resort, and honey, it sounds like you are there. imo, when antibiotics and topicals aren't working, it's time. that's where i got to, although i didn't get actual cysts until i went on accutane. i thought i did, but was shown something totally different. i can't believe your derm appt got cancelled, w/out your knowledge. sounds crazy, but happens i guess. have you done any research on the tane and it's side effects? checked w/your insurance carrier?

i feel so awful for you, poor thing! i know just what you are going through, when your face hurts so bad even washing hurts, even sitting hurts, and you can't even look at people, and don't want to leave the house. i stayed in the house for two whole weeks, had my mom pick up my meds, how bad is that? i was real depressed too.

so you have to wait until june to see yer derm again? have you talked about the tane with him before? if you're on the pill already, you can start soon. i had to wait a month so i could get on it. it's a real pain in the a$$, but prob'ly isn't like that for everyone. i had to go to the doc all the time for injections, you should ask your derm about that. have you ever had cortisone injecitons? they hurt like hell, but really knock down those big cysts. i'd say the cysts hurt worse anyway.

this thing can't last forever juic, you'll be back to your old self before you know it. just make sure, when you do go on the accutane, that you take extra special, really good care of yourself, as this stuff can wreak some serious havoc on the 'ole bod. again, prob just me, as it looks like i have another two months to go and it's already been 6. but once it's over, it's over! and del's right, at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even if the tunnel is 8 months long or longer, at least you'll know you're not just burrowing straight into the ground.

also, i'm so sorry i said that i wouldn't recommend accutane. i didn't mean to come off like that, i just meant that it's hard. taking pills, watching the diet, not being able to have cocktails with my friends, worrying about my cholesterol and liver, the aches and pains and photosenstivity, sucks. if there's a way around it, take it, if not, this stuff really does work. it's just hell getting there, y'know? i was being a whiner.

want me to put a dollar in a thunder-from-down-under's pants for you? for luck, i mean. there's gotta be something lucky about a hot nekkid man's thong! hahahaaaaaa

take it easy girl, i'm thinking about'cha. ali
hey mic, if you haven't tried one of those 3blade razors, like the venus, you should. nice and smooth, w/ no razor burn. and wait 10 minutes or so after you get outta the shower bef you put on your lotion, to reduce irritation. i use the gillette venus divine (w/the soothing aloe strip) and it's been great, pits, legs, bikini line, you name it. plus, the blades last for a long time. kinda expensive, and i'm pretty cheap, but so worth it! good luck!

deltoro! i did find the jergen's lotion! at target. i got the fair and medium kinds. i haven't used it yet though, i'm kinda scared. is that too much stupid or what? my skin is sooo dry, esp the last coupla days, it seems, i'm afraid that my skin will suck up all the moisturizer and leave the pigment sitting on top of a bunch of dead, dry skin and it'll look all icky and weird. paranoid, i'm sure. do you use it in the morning or at night or both? seems kinda dumb to be obsessing over lotion, but you know how it is... i hope! *lol* do you think i could use it with my more goopy stuff? under, or over maybe? i'll try it tonight after my shower. do you put it on your face or use a seperate self-tanner for that?
Juci you are not a downer at all! I have so been there and continue to have my good and bad days. Do you think there is any loop hole in your insurance coverage, so you can get accutane covered as a treatment? such as maybe having your MD prescribe it for you? Have you tried Spiro, I don't remember. This has been a miracle for some peoples skin, did not work for me, but it seems you are having moderate cyst, this might work and it is very cheap, my copay was actually more than the prescription its self, around 14.00 to fill it. Keep your head up your acne is just a very small part of who you are!
juici, del is so right. we have all been exactly where you are, that's what's so cool about being here. acne is not something that you can ***** to other people about, really, makes you feel so isolated, doesn't it? that is such a huge part of the problem with it, nobody takes it seriously and nobody who's never had it can understand the effect it has on the psyche. you are NOT a downer! you are an acne sufferer. in good company too, i might add. that pisses me off that your insurance doesn't cover it. i'm having trouble with mine right now too, it's such a scam. i'll end up spending about $1500 on lab work, but saving close to $4k for meds. can you believe that?! what a pile of crap. you know, i think that i read online, maybe on roche's website?, that there is a payment assistance program for people who need accutane but can't afford it, you should check it out.

haha! found it! it's called the roche patient assistance program. 877-757-6243 is the number to call. call! call! the deliver the meds right to yer doc, fer free! call! call!

beauty is on the inside juic, obviously it's showing through if people can still see it on your bad days. keep your head up, it can't last forever.
hey del! glad to hear you are moving along, you'll be clear in no time. i am tan, thanks to you, you sweetie you! i got the last bottle of that jergens lotion last week at target, then went back a few days later, they had restocked and i got another, just in case, you know how it is. *lol* hey, off the subject, have you tried the juice of one lemon a day thing? give it a try, i think it works. i do it when i have a pimple, did it when i had the bigguns and it did seem to help. crazy, but can't hurt, unless you're allergic to citrus.

i've been having tons of back pain the last week or so, sucks, but whatever. no more pimples, but now i kinda worry about my health. what's the point of being gorgeous if yer in intensive care?! haha. just kidding, it's not that bad, but i pick up a lot of stuff off the floor (rotten kid) and all that bending and whatnot is a killer. i so need a vacation! i'm going shopping this week for new gear, eeeee! shoes, bag, capris, dress, top, and i'm all set to do some serious damage! oh, and a swimsuit. the face looks good, but the butt no longer fits the 22yo's bikini, if you get my drift. still looks pretty good, just not quite the same size! *lol*

yeah, juici didn't sound too good in her last post, i think about her all the time and have been looking for her, but can't find her. you hear that juic?! let us know how yer doing!! i so hope she calls roche about that program. i wish i had known about it 5 years ago, i'd have called, twice!

juici, call roche! talk to us! how're you doing? i'm not the praying type, but you might drive me to it. i worry. i'm a mother, i can't help it i guess.
Hey ALI,

Glad you are tan and ready for your trip, now you just need some new duds! I love to shop and sounds like you do too! I am concerned as well for juci, hope she sees your message and lets us know how she is! I have been really lax on the lemon water thing, since starting the tane, but went out and bought some lemons yesterday, I am going to start doing it when I have a bad breakout. Skin is looking pretty good, but I had two big ones pop up this morning so I am go to do it so I can get rid of them. I am going to my parents house this coming weekend and would like to be rid of these so they can see the overall improvement. They where worried about me being on accutane, I may be 27 but I am still their baby girl! I called a few weeks ago and my dad answered the phone, I had just woke up so I was still a littl drowsy. My dad said you sound depressed! A very weird thing for him to say, so I know he and my mother have been reading up on the side effects and trying to monitor me to make sure I am ok. There is a vitamin or herb you can take for body aches..might try that, just have to remember what it is..I will look some information up and try to figure it out for you. I want to say magnesium? I will find out. On a slightly different note, does it worry you to no end some of the recent post of people that have just started accutane and they have no idea about the drug or the sideeffects? This scares me!
no doubt! i can't even imagine taking such a powerful drug w/out doing any research?! i know you did tons, and i researched for a year bef deciding to do it. crazy kids. i think you're right about the magnesium, btw, if i remember from my nutrition class. and calcium and potassium too, although i'm on yasmin, so i don't know if potassium is a good idea for me. so far it's been exedrine, and, when it's really bad, vicodin. i soooo hate swallowing all these pills del! stomach woozy, or at least touchy, all the time. argh! i'll be glad when this is over.

isn't it funny that the lemon thing works? i can't get over it, but it really does! anyhoo, i gotta bolt, i'm going to my parent's place too. and my dad is so worried about the tane too! early on he questioned it nonstop, kept telling me i needed to quit taking it, lower my dosage, don't believe the doc and on and on. so funny, but relentless, and not what i needed. thatsa dad for ya, huh? he's eased up, since i started clearing, thankfully on both counts!

i wish i could take everyone on vacay w/me, wouldn't that be so fun? memorial weekend... the last time i partied up memorial weekend i was 22! omg, i am getting soooo ooooold!!!! get rid of the acne, now getting wrinkles, will the irony never end? *lol*
JHello All!
Doing well here, nothing much to report still in the up swing, things are just coming and going, and my face continues to clear. Eternalbliss, so glad things are so good for you! I can't wait until I join the ranks with you and Ali and have really CLEAR skin! I am also glad you tried the Jergens, it is really a good find and cheap. I have been using it on my face with no real problems, but I say that with caution, as you know everyone react differently! Clear skin and a healthy tan, you can't beat that can you? I hope you guys both have fun on your vacations! Thanks for the tip on the fish oil, I will look into this. Glad you are doing ok mic1980, three weeks in and nothing but dry lips that is excellent!
hey what is this jergens stuff u guys are talking about? Ive heard jergens was good. . .
hi sweet amy. good luck w/the tane! i hope you get as good a result as i've been having lately. yer s'posed to use the jergen's every day, so i'm not really sure how long it lasts. it's sort of a build up, but slightly more gradual type thing. i saw results from the 1st application tho. this is an awesome find by del toro, esp for those of us on accutane cuz we can't be in the sun, and need to use tons of moisturizer.
HI sweet Amy, yeah the jergens is a build up, it is a daily moisturizer so as long as you are using it everyday as your body moisturizer you will have some color. Good luck on accutane, let us know how you doing when you start!
So 20 mg of accutane is enough to see good progress in your skin? I wasnt sure if itd be enough to do anything
i seem to get the occasional "blackhead rising" like, i'll have an itch on my chin or something, then when i go to scratch it, a blackhead sorta pops off. so gross! and surprising too. lately i seem to be getting blackheads where i might have gotten a pimple before. weird, but whatever. my next derm appt is next tuesday, so hopefully i'll get some good news, like, "four more weeks and you're done!" that would be soooo great...
Well I have some good news. For the past three days my face has been absolutley free of any new or active acne. I barely recongnize myself and hope me posting this doesn't jinx me! I go back to the derm tommorow, so I guess we will see if he ups my dosage or not. I don't have any dark marks on my face just red ones, but when I put makeup on they look dark. They are starting to fade just frustrating, I would rather them look red than almost black with makeup on. I had good results with fading of the red marks with the microdermabrasin cloths, but my skin is just way to fragile to use something like that. I bought some stuff that is all natural from the health foodstore so I might try with that, or just continue to use the aloe vera if the other stuff is too much for my skin. Hope everyone is doing well!
Thanks everyone for the congrats I have to admit it feels pretty good to have made such progress in such a short time, and I def owe it to all the great advice and support I have gotten in this thread! Xine welcome! You are so not alone, most of us are in our 20's or older! I hope as always that you will take very good care of yourself so you won't have to suffer during your treatment. I have in 2 months expericenced no peeling skin etc besides my lips, due to being proactive and moisturizing everyday. from day one. I just got back from my derm apt. My derm was very impressed with my progress in just a month. The nurse even commented on how great my skin was looking in such a short time when she called me back to the exam room. My derm also confirmed a few things, 1. If you take care of yourself get your vitamins, eat a clean diet, stay hydrated and exercise on a regular basis, you will reep huge benefits and will respond better to accutane. This is why he said I was having such great results in such a short period of time. 2. Stay off anything that will stress your liver or system any more than necessary, ie rec drugs, alcohol, etc you will have better results. 3. If you are on 80mg a day, you can take both pills at once,accutane is a long term working drug and it is just as effective as taking it 2x a day. You guys might have known this but I didn't! He asked my permisson to up my dose to 80 a day. He said that although I don't have anything really active, (that is right offical derm count of cyst 0!!!!)I do have a lot of lesions that still need healing. I didn't really understand what he meant by that, I don't have anything on my face that looks like what you would think a healing cyst or zit would look like. He said he was referring to the skin that is still red, cyst and acne that never completely healed or healed inappropriately. So I agreed, basically he is working on the red stuff at this point. I expect, but remain hopefull that I will not breakout from the new dosage. Its hard to say wether I will or not. I guess we will just wait and see. It sucks having to be so cautious and change your lifestyle, def hard work, but so worth the lasting results. Speaking of ALI I read that you are still hung over from your trip to Vegas!!!!! Hope you had fun, I know you where miserable!!!! Did you win my bon bon money???
Juci, so glad you are doing better! Retina a is good stuff. If you derm is sympathetic good, if not get a new one, your paying him for his time not the other way around!!! What do you think the turnaround was? Your meds just kicking in?
hey fellas
well, i've been scared of goin bald. i still have all my hair and doesn't seem to have thinned, but just in case it starts, i was wondering if any of you knew of any non prescription medication to keep your hair. that would be great and much appreciated. I also was wondering what you use for scarring and redness. i want to begin treating this early, so that by the time i'm done, so it'll be clear and smooth, can't wait. but then again, i don't know if it's a smart idea to do that while on accutane, need some advice. Thanx alot. You guys seem well on your way. hope all your moods are good. Wednesday was a weird day, i got extremely mad at my friend. i apologized to him later that day for my outbreak but it really scared him. i was wondering of that woulda happened even if i was off accutane. who knows, just something i wanted to say. my friend said he never saw that side of me before, then i thought, me neither. weird. congrajulations everyone on your progress.
hey juci how long do you intend to stay on doxy?
i've been on it for three months now and its great stuff but i'm so afraid that i'll start breaking out once off it. if thats the case though then maybe its time i go on accutane.
and all the best at your derm's. we're all going thru the same thing dear. every morning i hate loooking at the mirrror for fear of seeing a new protrusion on my face. ugh...but so far things have been real good.(knock on wood) maybe we shouldnt think so much of our zits to the extent that it ruins us.others barely notice them i'm sure.
and del,....i'm soooo happy for give everyone here so much strength.
Del- I think it's the addition of exfoliation, honestly. It seems like nothing started to work until I started using the exfoliator. I just saw rapid improvement from the first day I used it in conjunction with the retin-a micro, and still taking Doxy.

Then I started getting brave, and decided to try taking 1 pill a day instead of the 2 that was prescribed for me. Apparently the doxy has been keeping things pretty clear, because as soon as I started doing this, I noticed a little bit of my improvement going downhill. So, I'm upset over that..because what will happen when I get off the drug altogether? I feel like Accutane is probably inevitable.
How are you feeling?? Are you having any back pain or rashes? I do hair for a living, and I'm scared that standing for so long, and dealing with chemicals and water will take a toll on my skin and back.

Bim- Well, I've been on Doxy for 4 months now. It honestly did nothing for me until this past month (May). I'm nervous to get off of it as well. I feel like accutane might be the only thing that will help us to be clear. It sucks because the side effects are so hyped up and scary. But, keep me updated on what you decide to do. Is your acne cystic? Mine is.. and it sucks because I can always tell where one will pop up by the painful area under the skin that forms before it emerges... that's half the reason I hate it so much (Besides the fact that it makes my confidence lower than its ever been, and I feel like a troll..) But, they are also very painful..and sometimes they got so bad that it hurt to wash my face or lay on my pillow a certain way. I dont even know if the derm will give me accutane now, though- Because my acne is more on the mild side but I still always have acne on my face. I never have a moment where I don't have 3-5 cysts. It used to be like 5-10 at a yeah it's a bit of an improvement..but not perfect. And I dont expect perfection, but I just want the cysts to stop. Good luck hun!
Juici so glad you are back!!! I have not had any back pain or rashes. I helped my best friend on saturdays for about 6 mnths at her salon and it is def tough being on your feet for that long, I don't think it would be any worse on you at the time you might just feel sore after a long day. That is a good question about the doxy and to be honest I am not sure, could they really expect you to be on it forever? I would ask your derm when you go back! Wondering if another month will get you completely clear?? but what then? Let me know what your derm says about this. That would be total insanity for you to have to take this pill forever,and you would build up and immunity to it!
that's the problem with antibiotics. apparently long term usage has even more side effects than accutane. plus after some time you would build up an immunity against them. so i'm gonna continue until mid july and then stop. if the acne comes back then i'll go on accutane. the thing is mine like your's juci aint tooo serious so my derm kinda refuses to put me on it.
and yet again a new spot has protruded this morning like an alien invasion. its so sucky cause i had no active acne for a week and my brown marks were just beginning to gradually heal. oh least its not a huge cyst but it cld turn into one. ok i shall quit venting.
good luck you guys!
what BCP are you on? how long have you been on it? usually that does a good job right?
but if you see no improvement then go on accutane....i'm really freaked out by the side effects as well but lots of ppl have taken it and we need to take good care of ourselves. i just want to be sure of the long term benefits of tane cause you dont want your acne to return within a year. that would be ridiculous. but all the best juci. keep us posted on your progress!
wow mic your post is so encouraging.
and juci you are sooo not alone. i'm kinda dark skinned cause my mom's italian and my dad's mixed as well. so my post acne marks take ages to go away!!! my goodness....even my derm warned me that in a fair skinned patient it'll go away much faster than on me..and it's true.i currently have one active zit but it doesnt look that way cause of all the marks.
and like you said juci i cant live without make up now. its like i hated make up a year ago and look at me now. and i actually look good with it on.but once its off its a different story altogether.
my next derm's appoinment's on june 23rd and i'll def discuss accutane.
JUICI! good to have you back, girl! know what? try the tane. how much worse can it be? just make sure that you use those little disposable gloves when you work w/chemicals, and wear comfy shoes at work, diesel has some that are sooooo cute! it's made a world of difference in my skin, truly, it has. for all my whining and all, i'm glad that i decided to go for it. i've found that for my hands that neutrogena hand cream is the way to go, takes care of the extreme scales i've been getting on the backs of my hands. i'm a housewife/mom, so my i'm always washing, scrubbing, scouring too, and it takes it's toll even w/out the tane, but the cream helps like crazy.

take care of you, sweetie, you're the only you you have! ali

I agree with your post, you have some good points! I am curious about how your derm apt was? Let us know!! Hope it goes well!
Good for you juici! It sounds like you are really upbeat after finally getting some good advice from a derm!!! There are so few left that just won't give you a bs line and send you on your way! Your are so right, accutane is there as only a last resort. I am so glad you are doing better, do not shut yourself off from the outside world because of this one little thing, you are so much more than acne! I was worried for awhile I feel better after reading your post!!! Keep your head up

As for when males stop having acne I am not sure I would say early 20's I know men can continue to grow taller etc into their early 20's so not sure on that one,how bad is your acne? and what treatments have you tried?
Del- Hey hun, How's it?

Well, yeah- I definately feel alot better. I guess I was really depressed the other day because I was having a few good weeks and then broke out, so I was just like.. so DONE with it at that point. But this derm was such a sweetheart, and her assistant was telling me how she was shocked that I was there for acne treatment, cuz my skin looked great to her. I told her it's because they probably see worst case scenarios, but to me- my skin is my worst case scenario.. ya know? Like, it's bad to me.

She was just so understanding, I don't know- and she kept telling me how she really knows where Im coming from..and she was like, "I don't normally talk this long, I don't want to overstep my boundaries..but I really have been where you've been..and I understand." She had a case of random cystic acne in her 20s and it was her birth control she was like, Please try a different one, 3 months seems like a long time but it's not...etc.

So, anyway- I realized my skin is not as bad as I think it is. I have a couple cysts at a time..Nothing as bad as the accutane brochures..not even remotely close. A few months ago, it WAS, honestly bad. My mom told me last night that a few months ago, she saw me without make up and "felt really bad for me" ...I was like "thanks?" So, I have made a huge improvement.. My face was literally covered in red marks from the retin-a micro breakout. Now, without makeup, I only have the active cysts..and a FEW red marks that are slowly fading. (A few months ago, I had so many red marks it looked like a rash, even under make up) I examined my skin last night, and I have to admit, I overreact. But, I'm still not used to this feeling... I never used to break out, so this is like agony to me. (especially when it first started, at one point I think I had 17 active spots.. that was insane for me.) But, whatever.. ya know- I'm going to try to be positive, ignore it..and hope for the best. If eventually I am offered accutane, and I feel my acne is bad enough, I will take it. Until then.. I am going to try to be better about it.
juic, you sound SO much better! so glad to have you back t'yer old self again. doesn't it make such a difference when you trust yer doc?! amazing. congratulations.

funny, huh, the rice thing? it's getting huge. i've found all sorts of rice products for all kinds of stuff for the skin. the only thing i've tried so far is some rice exfoliant by origins, but i only tried it on my hand, so i can't tell if it's good or not. *lol* anyhoo, i'm so happy to hear that you're improving, and that you're working with someone who seems to understand where you're coming from and can ease your mind a bit.

glad you've made peace with the accutane decision, it sure is a big one. took me a year to do the research and work up the courage and try absolutely everything else that i could get my hands on, so i know just what you're going through. it really is better as a last resort though, such a commitment, and with all the side effects and whatnot, i can't tell you how ready i am to be off this stuff!! i turned 31 (!!!!) yesterday and couldn't even toast my oldness with some champagne or anything. i always whine about not being able to drink! my stomach is getting kinda sensitive these days. i'll tellya, if i could use something else that worked, i SOOO would!! as it is, the tane is doing it's thing, really working, although i have been getting about a zit a week, but as del said earlier, they're here and gone in about two days, but with every one, i start to feel a little desperate cuz i don't want to be on this medicine anymore and i don't know if those zits are telling me 'tough nuggies for you chica, keep taking those pills! bwahahahaaa!' know what i mean? maybe i'll ask the derm if i can take a break, but that would mean putting off getting pregnant even longer, and i'm kinda getting scared and impatient as it is. like, now it's taking so long, i'm not sure i even want another baby anymore! yikes! don't we all have our cross to bear. sheesh! man, this is long, sorry 'bout that!

hey del! you the woman, with yer good attitude all the time. you on prozac or what?! *lol* i'm jealous...
Bim- Well, as far as my red marks go.. I honestly think the retin-a micro is what truely got rid of them.. And now the exfoliation along with it, is really doing its thing for them. Theyll fade with time, it feels like they wont- but they really do. I thought I was scarred for life. I honestly look about 98% better than I did like 2 months ago.

Unfortunately, I feel a zit coming on my chin and it makes me a little upset- But like Ali said, they seem to come and go pretty fast.. Not 2 days for me, but pretty fast if I leave it alone. Retin a Micro dries everything up really quickly.

Yeah, I trust my doc... I definately do. I really feel like she knows what the hell she is doing, finally. She had such educated answers, and yet still heartfelt and honest. I know that it sucks that I didnt get accutane.. but at the same time, she really does know best- and there are things that doctors learn about drugs, that never gets released to the public.. So perhaps it's best she doles the meds out according to her standards. If I get accutane, i'll get it.. if I don't.. eh whatever.

Alright girls.. I am so glad I have you as a support system. You are all the best. Good luck with your skin, and keep checking in! This has been the best thread ever!
Hey Juici, Yeah all my stuff is MAC I have a ton of their lip moisturizer, I used it pre accutane, I have the pots, the sticks, and the tubes! The only thing that isn't MAC anymore is my foundation, I used Affirm foundation now. I use it during the day and then use aquaphor at night because its super heavy. Glad everyone is doing so well, no more down in the dumps for us! We can still leave the complaint department open but that is it! No its funny you say I have a postive additude arock, I am always complaining just for the hell of it! I wasted alot of time a few years ago being over weight, lonely and bad skin feeling sorry for my self. I lost that time and when I woke up and did something about it, I was so sorry I had done that to myself over something so trivial in the big picture!! So no more, only good times and doing what Iwant for me! You only get one chance to do it up right..why waste it??
eternalbliss, i am so jealous that you are getting off the meds!! i'm so hopeful for you that your skin stays clear, i know what you mean about the texture, although i'm not that young anymore. kinda orange-peeley, huh? i read on another thread here though that microdermabrasion isn't that expensive and helps a lot. just make sure to wait however long yer s'posta, six months? 12? i don't remember. i'm going to be on accutane for the rest of my life. guess i'll just adopt! *lol*

del, i cannot find that affirm makeup! i find everything else, it is just ridiculous! i burn with curiosity b/c as you know, good makeup is really worth whatever you have to pay for it. guess i'll keep looking and get some lancome in the meantime, their photogenique is pretty good, kept me looking good all thru my wild weekend! does the aloe really work for the red marks? you use any rx topicals? i have an aloe plant in my backyard, i'm gonna try slicing a leaf open and smear it on my mug tonight. i've just been kinda letting them fade in their own time, and it's been taking awhile. they've faded quite a bit so far, but they still have a ways to go. i'm clear now, and i would like to be able to leave the house w/out makeup one of these days! esp now that summer is (finally!) here.

glad everyone is doing well, let us hope for continued improvement. and good luck going off the tane eternalbliss! please do check in from time to time with your good skin! ali
Hey Ali!!

Yes, it aloe really works!!! I am going to buy a aloe plant at the farmer market next weekend and see if I can keep it alive!!! My mom had one when I was a kid and we used it for everything, I think getting it directly from the plant would be even more benefical for you, but if you buy some just be sure it is 100% aloe, fruit of the valley is good and its cheap. Do a ***** search for "affirm foundation" and you should find their webpage, very worth the money in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have super fast delivery and are coming out with a loose powder soon I can't wait to try!!!!!!
You've made the right choice, after all you don't really want permanent skin damage from all those cysts. Ive done two courses of accutane and both of them worked while i was on them and although the acne came back it never came back as bad as it was before and it is easier to control with normal treatments.

In addition to the supplies that you have already purchased, i suggest that you add in

1) Acetyl L-Carnitine, which is an amino acid that dramatically reduces the muscle aches and stiffness that you get with accutane (i suggest that you look this up on pubmed ( as there has been scientific studies done on this

2). take zinc (15mg) (at a different time of day to the accutane) this enhances the nuclear receptor binding of retinoids (which is where retinoids like accutane act in skin cells (or keratin cells and sebocytes)), these binding sites are called zinc-fingers.

3. Dont use any acids at all on your face, period.

4. Take the accutane with an oil like flax seed oil (and/or evening primrose), which will help the absorption of the drug (accutane is fat soluble) and help to moisturise you skin internally.

I hope this helps...please keep posting to keep us informed about how you are doing...good luck

Thanks Mike, that was very good information I was not aware! Glad to hear you have had good results with your courses, and very well informed which I am glad because so many aren't and it scares me for them!
heya del! you should get an aloe plant, they're almost impossible to kill, just keep it outside and water it once in awhile. i've had mine two years outside and if i can keep something alive in this heat, then you should have nooooo problem! they are such a pretty green color, and so handy to have in the summer, what with all the sun and whatnot- my son and hubby burn like crazy.

why have you been banned chica? *gasp* have you been naughty on the health board?! *lol* what does that even mean anyway?

i'm gonna try again to find that foundation online, although i hafta say, i'm tempted to just go to nordstrom and get some lancome, i know exactly where that is! *lol*

so, do you use other topicals, or just the aloe? i've also been using the cleocin lotion, and aveeno postively smooth moisturizer at night, to help reduce my peach fuzz, it is becoming more like kiwi fuzz!! NOT cute. and my gyno wasn't very sympathetic, he just said that it's b/c i'm getting "older" can you believe that crap? i'm 31, that's not "older" my mom is "older" i most certainly am not! anyway, i'm not sure if i should put the aloe on between the cleocin and the aveeno, or before both, or after both, or what. guess i'll try on top and see how that goes. i just started the aveeno, but so far have not noticed any reduction in peach fuzz. keep yer fingers crossed fer me, okay?

so how's it going on the tane? you sound really good, positive. skin clearing nicely? dad more on board with the meds? mine has finally stepped off, only for his nagging to be replaced by my husband's-- men! i can't wait to be off this stuff tho, i am plum tuckered. had to reschedule my derm appt twice (kids), now i'll be outta meds about 5 days or so before my next visit and i'm scared. isn't that the stupidest thing? i'm scared to go off this stuff that's totally knocking me out. but my skin looks sooooo goooood... i'll take achy joints forever if it means no more breakouts, know what i'm saying here? i just don't want those pimples back, ever! i could live w/out the chapped lips, that does get annoying. but i can handle it, i swear! *lol*

take care dahling! ali
bimbot, i had a nurse tell me that the receptionist had worse acne than mine (perish the thought, mine was BAD when she was telling me this), all over her face, chest and back. after her course of accutane her skin sloughed completely off leaving her with baby-butt smoothness all over. where did you hear that it spoils the quality of your skin? my experience, and i'm not finished yet, is that it makes the skin quite dry, but for me, it's vastly improved the quality of my skin, i just have to make sure to use moisturizer every single day, whereas i didn't always before. it's a lot more sensitive now, but i've been on this stuff for awhile.

good luck bimbot! ali
Just wanted to check in, I'm glad everyone is doing well! I'm at a month and a half of 40mg per day with nothing but dry lips and no zits! I've been clear of zits for quite a while ago but now, I woke up the other day and noticed almost all the gross blackheads in my chin wer GONE. Amazing! I'm so pleased with Accutane. And for those who ask if generic is not as good, I'm on Amnesteen and obviously it is working fine. And it's only $10 per month :)

I want Deltoro back though! Why is she banned? :confused: Bring her back mods

I think it is wonderful that you are being pro-activ about accutane. It is a serious drug with many side effects if the right pre cautions are not taken. In fact, after reading your post, I completely related to everything you did prior to going on the medicine. I am a true believer of "holistic" medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and homeopathy. I, as well, did some liver detoxes before and currently while on accutane. But, before I went on accutane, I tried it all to discover the culprit of my acne. I eliminated sugar from my diet because I discovered I am sensitive to it, I did every "natural" remedy (homeopathy, acupuncture, fasting to eliminate all toxins) , I had 3 sessions of the smoothbeamlaser, but my acne was persistent. It was actually worsened after the smoothbeam. I am on my 10th week of accutane. And I am happy to say that I am seeing wonderful results with tolerable side effects. My lower back bothers me from time to time, but that's all at the moment. My lips are not dry at all. Maybe once per week... they get really dry and exfoliate themselves. I was very nervous about accutane because my body is very sensitive. But, (knock on wood) I have been doing really well. I think it is, also, because my regimen is very strict.

1. I take Omega-3 fatty acid capsules (supposedly countereffects depression)
2. little sugar bc your teeth get dry and many people develop cavaties after accutane
3. Vit E capsules
4. I wash my face with all Dr. Hauschka products. My lips LOVE the lip care stick. I think this is why my lips have not been as chapped. Other chapsticks can be addictive. This line is a little pricey, but to me it is well worth it. It is all natural.
5. Humidifier in my room.
6. LOTS of water everyday
7. no drinking
8. nioxin for hair
9. I have a kick *** insurance plan through my job that covers acupuncture. so, i get it every few weeks.
10. I am on liver detoxes (homeopathy) to make sure everthing is being flushed.
11. Borage oil capsules
12. I am not drinking alcohol at all
13. I am a contact wearer. I wear my contacts to work (Complete Moisture Plus has been my solution). I ll put some refresh tears in my eyes before bed. DO NOT USE VISINE! Make you use natural tears.
14. Make up: Jane Iredale has a wonderful line of make up (again, a little pricey...but, well worth it.) It is the Purepressed Base with spf 17. It works really well esp on the red marks left over from your acne when your face begins to clear.
15. really good vitamins.

So, continue to be vigilant about your health (on and off accutane). You ll notice you re body will appreciate it!

Good Luck.[/QUOTE]

What kind of liver flushes are you on? I also am an avid naturopathy/homeopathy user but Im not sure what would work best while on accutane.

There are daily detox teas that I've been looking into this product:

Any suggestions?

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