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Del- I think it's the addition of exfoliation, honestly. It seems like nothing started to work until I started using the exfoliator. I just saw rapid improvement from the first day I used it in conjunction with the retin-a micro, and still taking Doxy.

Then I started getting brave, and decided to try taking 1 pill a day instead of the 2 that was prescribed for me. Apparently the doxy has been keeping things pretty clear, because as soon as I started doing this, I noticed a little bit of my improvement going downhill. So, I'm upset over that..because what will happen when I get off the drug altogether? I feel like Accutane is probably inevitable.
How are you feeling?? Are you having any back pain or rashes? I do hair for a living, and I'm scared that standing for so long, and dealing with chemicals and water will take a toll on my skin and back.

Bim- Well, I've been on Doxy for 4 months now. It honestly did nothing for me until this past month (May). I'm nervous to get off of it as well. I feel like accutane might be the only thing that will help us to be clear. It sucks because the side effects are so hyped up and scary. But, keep me updated on what you decide to do. Is your acne cystic? Mine is.. and it sucks because I can always tell where one will pop up by the painful area under the skin that forms before it emerges... that's half the reason I hate it so much (Besides the fact that it makes my confidence lower than its ever been, and I feel like a troll..) But, they are also very painful..and sometimes they got so bad that it hurt to wash my face or lay on my pillow a certain way. I dont even know if the derm will give me accutane now, though- Because my acne is more on the mild side but I still always have acne on my face. I never have a moment where I don't have 3-5 cysts. It used to be like 5-10 at a yeah it's a bit of an improvement..but not perfect. And I dont expect perfection, but I just want the cysts to stop. Good luck hun!

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