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Hey all! Im on accutane.. or the Generic version called Claravis. Its working great for me!! Im a 23 yr old female and had a ance prob sinse high school but it didnt start getting kinda bad till I was 21. Im on day 115. A couple weeks ago I had like 2 very small white heads that went away the next day! thats it..Before... I had cyts, Id get pretty big ones sometimes, and I got them on my back an chest sometimes too. it was weird they would just move all around but never be in all 3 places at once. then it started gettin worse! I did get as much as some people with real bad acne got but my derm said mine was severe enough in the kind it was (cysts) anyway... I also have really oily skin. sinse on accutane my skin has not gotten too oily at all! I LOVE IT!! I did get dry but not that bad I think because of already having oily skin. Side effects have been very tollerable. I never had an initial break out... my lips get dry but not to the point that i look flaky.. my face was kinda annoying and flaky around my mouth for a while but lately that hasnt been a problem. I also have had some joint pain sort of. I work out and do Aerobics soo I think you just get sore easier.. I have an ache back anyway so that has been bothering me a bit more.. I have about 2 months left! Im on 60 mg now. I started @ 40mg. I think accutane is great, I know there are these side effects. I think why it feels like your signing you life away is the pregnancy issue. I did a Serious BUTT LOAD of research on the net... I think the 1st few years of Accutane or so they had issues with women not taking the DONT GET PREGNANT issue serious. I read some stats and there was waaay too many women that had to get abortions and stuff because they didnt listen. they are just trying to be safe sinse that is the worse thing that could happen is.. having a baby with issues because of the med.

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