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Because vitamins are not regulated by the FDA (which they should be), many vitamin formulas contain sugar, yeast, etc. (foods that people tend to be sensitive to). In addition, they may contain artificial additives. I think it s great that you try and get your vitamins from food sources. Those, in general, are the best forms! But, while on accutane, it is best to support your immune system, in order to function as best as it can. I am a middle school teacher on accutane... I am around germs all day. My school has no windows (haha... kinda weird). So, I know that all my precautions are helping me. Knock on wood for the last haul.

I take the following vitamins (name brands in parenthesis):
1. AM vitamin (Advanced Vitamin Research) one in the AM
2. PM vitamin(AVR) one in the PM
3. Omega 3 fatty acids (Nordic Naturals- Artic Omega- 1000 mg)(1 with each meal - 3 per day) **
4. Vitamin E 400 IU(AVR) 1 in AM **
5. Borage oil (BioTech) 1 in AM; 1 in PM
6. Calcium (AVR) 1 in AM; 1 in PM
7. Vitamin C (AVR) one in AM; 1 in PM **
8. Quercertin (not sure... I dont have the container... probably AVR or BIO TECH)
9. acidofilus (sp?) (HMF-powder form, mix and drink) this helps make sure you bowel movement is functioning properly...again...body flushing itself of toxins.

The oils are highly recommended while on accutane. Think about it... you are drying your body out...anything that can "lubricate" you while pose positive benefits. In addition, the omega 3 assists in counteraffecting depression caused by accutane. My vitamins do have vit A in it. I double checked with my Dr. and he said it wasnt enough to affect me. The ones that I starred are the ones that I have found most effective. Check online to see if you can get them. Not sure if health food stores sell them.

I , also, take homeopathic drops. I take UNDA. You can research it online. I take numbers 20, 243, and 1. My blood work has not even budged! I take 7 drops of each under my tongue in the AM and PM. No food 15 min. prior or after. Stay away from mint (toothpaste, gum, etc.) for atleast 1-2 hours before and after.

If I do feel myself getting sick, I do WET SOCKS. This sounds crazy, but it works. First, I put a pair of cotton socks in ice cold water. Then, I take a hot shower. When I get out, I put the cold socks on.... and a pair of wool socks. Jump into bed... (kinda annoying sleeping with socks) When I wake in the morning, the socks are dry. I do it for about 3 days and I feel better. It is hydrotherapy. Your body releases your fever through your feet in order to dry the socks. there fore you let the fever pass... quite interesting! worth a shot, if interested.

My philosophy about accutane is that you NEED to be good to your body while on it. You need to take extra care of it and take all the precautions. It is a serious drug...if it wasnt... we would nt need to get monthly blood tests and it would not be as controversial as it is... Deltoro, keep me updated about how you feel. If you have ANY questions, ask. I was right where you were 10 weeks ago... so, any help I could give.... I would love to give!

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