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well i just started taking accutane 10 days ago (took my 10th pill today!)
i have already experienced side effects.... not so bad tho really, everything i expected: dry lips, dry and flaky skin, and sometimes i get really nauseous (sp?) sometimes but that could very well be from the birth control pills my derm prescribed me. the only thing that sucks is my scalp is soooo itchy!!! omg and my hair is so thin as it is i am deathly afraid my hair is gonna fall out and thin really badly once i've been on accutane for a while... has anyone had this problem while on accutane? i've heard it's not that common but how do you suppose i could prevent this from happening? any ideas? also, my skin has broken out significantly worse along my jawline and lower cheeks but is now starting to clear up a bit as it is approaching the end of 2 weeks, and im hoping it'll clear up permanently for the most part.
what is everyone's experience with the way your acne was while on accutane? (i.e., did you break out, for how long, etc.)
thanks everyone and also good luck to you deltoro! im sure you will be soooo unbelievably happy when it's all said and done. my one friend had uber bad acne and it was all the cytic pimples, and even though she had some unpleasant side effects she said being in a little discomfort with acne, dry skin and lips, etc for 6 months is well worth a lifetime of an amazingly clear face - her skin has been acne free for over 2 years now since!
hey del, you sound great! what an attitude you have girl, i'm so jealous. but i'm so happy for you, sounds like you're treating yourself well. i gotta get some of that jergens!! i couldn't find it at the grocery, they had every other kind of jergens tho. and some coppertone thing that claimed to be the same, but i'm not taking any chances. i'll have to try target today. when i go shopping for new shoes for vegas-w/out-my-husband-- eeeee!!!

have you been washing your hair every day, or more every other? i've been going every other or so and rinsing and conditioning in between, but it's still getting pretty dry. and it seems to be totally falling out, it's all over everywhere, but i still seem to have plenty left, as i too have always had really thick hair. i don't know what the heck is going on. i'll tellya tho', i am so ready to be done with this medication! i catch every cold, and of course it's spring now so there are allergies to deal with too. not to mention the sun. the sun! used to be my friend, now it just burns me. that never, ever used to happen. ever! whaaaa? argh!

hey supasta, i have a ?? for you, (congratulation, btw! now i guess i'll have to go to the movies!) i'm thinking about auditioning for a film that's going to be shot here, but am pretty nervous about the "freckles" that are still all over my cheeks and jaw. i'd be interested in your opinion. due to the acne, i've been on about three auditions over the last five years, and i'm pretty sure my nervousness has prevented me from booking a single job. all the other girls seem tohave such nice creamy skin, ya know? what do you think? you don't seem to be slowed down too much by this. i try, but keep chickening out. just a teeeeensy bit of confidence i lack utterly. i have just enough to go to the grocery store, know what i'm saying here? okay, enough of that!

hey juici! still thinking about the tane? i don't know that i would recommend it, necessarily, if you can find something else that works, i would totally go for that. how long have you been taking the doxy? i took that for years and it really worked, but taking antibiotics for long periods of time, imo, not good for the health. i read somewhere online that there is a type of acne that results, primarily in women, from long term antibiotic use. Gram-Negative Folliculitis. might be what i have, but i don't really know. my derm just calls it acne, then we talk about vacations (one of my fave subjects!) and home improvements and stuff like that. i can be kinda scatterbrained sometimes. imo, the tane, truly a last resort, but it has been really working for me. not pleasant, i'm itchy a lot now, weird, hair kinda dry, sick all the time (but i have a kindergartener at home so some of that is to be expected), and am getting sunburns for the first time in my life, but my skin is looking so much better. everytime i see someone i haven't in awhile they comment on it. slightly obnoxious, but so much better than when i was looking bad and they wouldn't say anything, just stare or look away, you know how it goes. they either can't not look or can't look at all, but they can't seem to just look ya in the eyes. i hated that.

anyhoo, enough of my blather, i know i go on and on. realsad, you really should see a derm asap. best of luck to you! ali

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