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heya del! you should get an aloe plant, they're almost impossible to kill, just keep it outside and water it once in awhile. i've had mine two years outside and if i can keep something alive in this heat, then you should have nooooo problem! they are such a pretty green color, and so handy to have in the summer, what with all the sun and whatnot- my son and hubby burn like crazy.

why have you been banned chica? *gasp* have you been naughty on the health board?! *lol* what does that even mean anyway?

i'm gonna try again to find that foundation online, although i hafta say, i'm tempted to just go to nordstrom and get some lancome, i know exactly where that is! *lol*

so, do you use other topicals, or just the aloe? i've also been using the cleocin lotion, and aveeno postively smooth moisturizer at night, to help reduce my peach fuzz, it is becoming more like kiwi fuzz!! NOT cute. and my gyno wasn't very sympathetic, he just said that it's b/c i'm getting "older" can you believe that crap? i'm 31, that's not "older" my mom is "older" i most certainly am not! anyway, i'm not sure if i should put the aloe on between the cleocin and the aveeno, or before both, or after both, or what. guess i'll try on top and see how that goes. i just started the aveeno, but so far have not noticed any reduction in peach fuzz. keep yer fingers crossed fer me, okay?

so how's it going on the tane? you sound really good, positive. skin clearing nicely? dad more on board with the meds? mine has finally stepped off, only for his nagging to be replaced by my husband's-- men! i can't wait to be off this stuff tho, i am plum tuckered. had to reschedule my derm appt twice (kids), now i'll be outta meds about 5 days or so before my next visit and i'm scared. isn't that the stupidest thing? i'm scared to go off this stuff that's totally knocking me out. but my skin looks sooooo goooood... i'll take achy joints forever if it means no more breakouts, know what i'm saying here? i just don't want those pimples back, ever! i could live w/out the chapped lips, that does get annoying. but i can handle it, i swear! *lol*

take care dahling! ali

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