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Ok, this might sound like a stupid question, but how likely is it that I could get genital herpes when...

I've only had sex and oral sex with one person, and he has only had sex and oral sex with me? I have kissed other people, but he has not. I was like 13 or 14 when I kissed the others, also. I know it can come from your mouth (cold sores) to the genitals, right? I have never had a cold sore, though, and neither has my boyfriend.

I was just wondering, because I get a pimple down there like once a month. They don't hurt really bad or anything, I just happen to notice a bump that is a little sore once in a while. I have had mild acne on my face for like 4 years, also. So is it normal to have a pimple down there that often? (once a month)?

They look like pimples and usualyl have a small white head, but I don't pop them or anything because I don't want it to hurt. They go away after a couple of days on their own. Can anyone tell me anything??? :) Thanks!

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