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What worked for me:
Mar 28, 2005
I was on minocycline then Bactrim for 3 years. Got off Bactrim and all the acne came flooding back. Went on like 12 vitamins and supplements and it made it worse! Now all take is 10,000 IUs of Country Life Vitamin A, 500mgs Nature Made Vit. C, and 400 IUs Nature Made Vit. E all these once a day. I've also linked sugar in my diet to my acne (i'm lucky i finally realized it) But maybe for some of you who have been on antibiotics for a long time don't realize it yet. Seriously, cut out sugar for a week, and if you don't get any new zits, then you prolly have an internal yeast infection. Right now I have 1 zit, and it's small. I also use Nature's Cure homeopathic pills twice a day $10.

For the yeast infection I take Solgar Advanced Multi-billion Dophilus right before eating (i haven't been consistent, i always forget it and basically only take it once a day) it has 5 Billion live microorganisms. I think it was about 10-12 bucks in Vitamin Shoppe (which is the cheapest place to get name brand supplements)

On my face I use:
Nutribiotic Non-soap Skin Cleanser
-after you use it, it realy feels like your skin is clean. It has grapefruit seed extract (no, not grapeseed, grapeseed is an antioxidant great for smoothing out skin too, but grapefruit seed is great for killing the bacteria on the skin, they use grapefruit seed extract to clean in hospitals) I have naturally dry skin, plus it's winter so it doesn't dry that bad. It costs $6.25 in Vit. Shoppe.
Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser <$8
-To remove eye make-up
St. Ives Peel-Off Hydroxy Masque like $2.49 or something in Walmart
-I use it 1-2 times per week to help with scars. It has lactic acid and salicylic acid. don't use it too aften, once a week, or wen you feel build-up on your skin. It pulls out blackheads too.
Olay Total Effects 7x Fragrance Free $14-$17
-I wait a little while before my face gets too dry after washing it, then I rub it around on my hands then PAT it on my face. I mix it with this next stuff.
Nature's Cure Acne medication $10
-This comes with homeopathic pills, which I also take. I mix it with the olay 7x then PAT it on my face. Rubbing it seems to give me milia round my mouth.
Triple Antibiotic Ointment <$10 (neosporin)
-A lot of people will object to using this, but I swear by it. I have a lot of recent scars from a bad glycolic acid wash that really broke me out HORRIBLY, so it's essential to try and heal the scars now. But after I pat on the olay and nature's cure stuff, I put some of this on my finger and PAT it on dry areas and areas that usually get dry. but basically it ends up wherever I usually get acne. It should be a thin thin layer. BTW, I do all of this before bed, so I end up changing my pillow case very often.

Well, all this really works for me, and has been for the past almost 2 months. My scars are really healing. I only have one zit. I don't take any prescribed medication.

Oatmeal Regular Flavor
-I happen to like the taste of it. One packet has 2g fat, 100 cal, 80mg sodium, 19g carbs, 20% vit a, 45% iron, 20% of the B vitamins, 0 mgs cholesterol. I eat 2 packets for breakfast.
I eat canned chicken, chunky soups, baked tostitos with ortega salsa, 1% milk, water (don't drink as much as I should)

What I find the best out of everything is the Nurtibiotic Face Cleanser. It doesn't leave a film on your hands or your face. And it really feels like your face is clean, and it seems like it evens out your face a little bit too.

I hope this helps some people. I've been on this site looking for a cure since january of 2004. And I'm so glad that at this point in my acne career I can post on here infromation about what got me CLEAR. What I'm doing right now is really keeping me clear, plus is clearing my scars progressively, and I can see an improvement every week. But I couldn't have done it with neosporin, honestly. It doesn't clog my pores at all. I don't know about anyone else. But I was deterred from using it because it has light mineral oil in it. But it's helped me more than anything along with the Nutribiotic Cleanser, this stuff is a Godsend. And hopefully it will help someone on here. and I couldn't have done it without the information I got from this messageboard. I would never have gotten clear without the help of the people on here. Thank you. And now I hope I can pass it on.

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