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Co2 Resurfacing
Mar 28, 2005
Just wanted to let anyone interested in the CO2 laser peel procedure, know how it went for me. I visited one of the top Dermatology Consultants here in th UK - so I was really very confident in his abilities. However, like everything else, new procedures are just that - new - and a learning experience for the Dermatologists too!
Anyway, first of all he had to locally anaesthetise my whole face. I found this very painful in itself (although I don't know if I have a very high pain threshhold ). If you can possibly get a General Anaesthetic, get it, but it is supposed to be much more expensive. Twilight Sedation is not supposed to be any better than taking a couple of Valium. I think I had to have between 10 and 20 injections including a rather horrible one in the nose!
The Dermatologist had suggested doing a couple of areas on the sides of my face (which had a couple of bad chicken pox scars) and a bit near my mouth with the CO2 and then 'filling in' the rest with a gentler laser (something similar to the Epilight laser). The whole procedure was SO painful - I would liken it to giving birth. When it finally finished I went out to the car and burst into tears from shear relief that it was finished then again at the shock of seeing myself in the mirror. I looked like a terrible burns victim. I couldn't believe I had done this to myself deliberately.
Before I left, the Dermatologist covered my face with Vaseline and gauzes. I was to wash my face with water and re-apply gauzes and Vaseline every few hours for the first few days while picking off the 'debris' very carefully.
Then I had to keep applying the Vaseline for while (I think it was about 10 days) so as not to let the skin dry out.
The first couple of days after the procedure, your skin oozes a bit (hence the gauze) and is quite disgusting, then after you stop using the vaseline your face is very red and peeling for a couple of weeks. The very least you could take off work would be two weeks. After two weeks I was able to start using make-up again , but this had to be extremely thick in order to cover the redness (green cream just looked green). I was advised that the redness would take about three months to subside, but for me I have to say that it was 6 months before it completely went and I could use the same make-up I had before.
At about 3 months I had the worst acne breakout of my life and it lasted over a month. This was possibly due to the thick make-up I had been using for this amount of time. I would honestly say that this break-out caused me more scarring than I had had in the first place.
My scarring was not that bad before - it was more the couple of pox marks and the little brown pigmentation marks. I am now left with white streaks where the CO2 was used and these don't seem to tan properly - certainly nothing like the rest of my face. I cannot put my face in the sun at all as it just emphasises these streaks. They are not noticable however under my normal make-up as long as I don't tan.
Some of the bits lasered with the CO2 are a LITTLE bumpy looking in the light (to me), but I think this is because I was a bit over zealous when removing the aforementioned 'debris'. The chicken pox marks are no longer indented but are COMPLETELY white. The brown spots went but I have now a couple of new ones as my acne has not yet stopped. Any wrinkles covered by the CO2 are a little less evident and any pores are tiny -it feels like baby skin. A couple of linear scars are completely gone.
I would recommend (purely from my own experience and no professional judgement!) that anyone going through with this procedure would have any major lumps/scars etc removed by excision first then the CO2 used. Also that anyone thinking of it, is completely over their acne first and make sure that they do the whole face area to avoid colour patchiness and lines.
I would also say that unless you are really troubled with pitted skin -use something less invasive.
I am going to go back when I buck up the courage to have it done again - this time the whole face, but this time it is because I can't stand the thought of never putting my face in the sun again without going all streaky.
I hope this has been of help to someone and you haven't all fallen asleep!
I'll gladly answer any questions if I can, but I'm not on every day so hold on for a reply.
LOL and good luck to everyone.xx :yawn:

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