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Hi Everyone! I am so sorry about not updating more but when your self cofidence sky rockets you suddenly have more to do! I have been on Acccutane now since March 15th so I just finished my third month of my five month course. First month I did 40mg a day then on 80mg a day since. So here is the update:

-MY SKIN IS CLEAR!!!!!!!!!

I have one tiny pimple on my right upper cheek and that's it. My back and chest are also clear. My red marks and scarring have faded so well it's increddible I believe that la mer really helped with the scarring and red marks I had. the side affects I have had have been very minimal. here is a short list:

-Chapped lips but nothing unbearable I use aquaphor healing ointment in the morning and at night before bed during the day I just use chapstick.
-Dry eyes. But I must say my body adjusted to that pretty quickly so now it doesn't bother me at all.
-Rash on my hands and forearms. It is red and scaley but the doctor gave me a medicine called cloderm and it usually clears up in three days but if I am not good about putting lotion on everyday then t comes back. One thing that has really helped with my dry skin is not taking as many showers as I used to. My derm said it's best to only take one shower on every third day and in between to wash your armpits and groin ect with a washcloth. I of course wash my face everyday! I wash in the morning and at night with cetaphil bar soap. The lotion I use is curel.

other than that I have had no side effects. My derm says I am one of the best results she has ever seen. My acne was moderate never severe. I got on accutane because I was 26 and had acne since 12 and nothing worked.
Taking accutane is the best thing I have ever done! I am so happy!

I am sorry about not posting sooner I will try to be better! -Bye

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