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Hi Everyone! I am on day 12 of accutane. I am pretty good. I think I am starting my initial breakout though, But I don't care, I say Bring it on! SO I can get it over with :) my eyes were pretty dry this week but felt better yesterday and today. I have chapped lips, and my skin is a little dry. I am using Creme De La Mer Moisturizer and it works so great! I love it. It is pretty expensive though, $110 per ounce but it is really worth it. I use vaseline and Burt's bees wax lip balm on my lips. Also I use Purpose Moisturizer (johnson & johnson) on the rest of my body and that is working good as well. My skin is itchy and so is my scalp so I leave my conditioner on my hair a little longer in the morning which seems to help. I noticed the pimples I am getting are pretty big cysts and hurt like hell but if I leave them alone the swelling goes down a little everyday. I do notice though that I can't work out as hard as I normally do at the gym because I start feeling Nauseous, so I am going to do 45 minutes everyday instead of 1 1/2 hours every other day. other than that no major complaints.....feel free to ask any questions ;)
Hi Paige and welcome to Accutane! I am glad our posts have been helpful to you. This board is where I turn when I need encouragment. If you have any questions, ask, tons of people will respond! it's a great thing.

Today is day 27. I am doing much better. I am not getting any new big pimples. I am just getting little tiny ones and they usually go away fast. My chest is almost completley clear except for what is left over from my obsessive picking from before I started the tane, my back is the same as my chest...just red spots from picking left that are healing. I do however have alot of blackheads still hanging on for dear life. I know they will eventually work there way out as some of them already have. I had a tought week though because my face was so dry makeup looked terrible. My chin was dry and peeling and yuck! My husband could tell I was feeling kinda down and so he gave me some words of encouragment telling me "we knew to expect this, we just have to wait, it wil pass". He is a great support system for me and I think it's important to have at least one person to talk to about it that can at least give you a hug. So here is my daily regimine now to keep my face Moisturized :
-Wash face with cetaphil soap (bar)
-I slather my face with creme de la mer Moisturizer(this stuff is so awesome it heals your soars from healing blemishes so fast and it also minimizes pore size as well as being a great Moisturizer) Morning and night
-On my lips I use blistex complete moisture and Aquaphor healing ointment.
-I also rub lotion on my body in the morning-any kind that is perfume and dye free (I have sensitive skin)
So far my side effects haven't been to bad, dry skin and lips is the worst I have to deal with which was expected. Also I have started developing a rash on the top of my hands. It is little red bumps and is itchy. I have a small patch of it on my arm as well. Washing my hands irritates it and makes it really red but there is really no way around that. My derm did say I would probably get a rash due to my sensitive skin and that she would prescribe me something if this happened for the rash(like a cream). I see her on Tuesday the 19th so I will see what she says about it then. Also I have been constipated (sorry to gross you out) and this hasn't been so plesent. I am going to speak to my derm about that to see if she okay's a stool softner. Also my eyes are really dry and when I go outside they burn so bad. I wear sunglasses but it doesn't help much. Reallt though to be honest with you none of these are to terrible to deal with. Acne has made me suffer far worse so I am willing to put up with about anything at this point. Well Tuesday I am probably going to be upped to 80mg, I have to admit I am a bit nervous because I don't want another breakout...I don't know if that will happen or not, I will ask my derm. Well guys until next time!!

-Carebear OUT!!! haha

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