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If I may jump in.

I was given accutane with clear skin. The dr gave it to me for oiliness. It was really that out of control.
I took 20 mg for 2 months, then 40 mg for 2 months, then stopped on my own. (No more insurance, but it was costly even with insurance)

But my dr talked to me many times about doing the low dosage over an extended period of time. I also believe she said if I did the extended dosage, where I wasn't taking it every day, I wouldn't have to do the monthly blood tests.

Starting out with clear skin and only 20 mg still gave me an initial breakout. I think I got it about 2 weeks into it. And I thought it was pretty bad (but then I didn't think I would get it). I think it lasted about a week to a week and a half. But smooth sailing after.
My only side effect was the dry skin, though it wasn't severe, I don't even think I used mosturizer regularly. And chapped lips - but that was always a problem.
Oh yeah, and my skin got VERY sensitive (that was part of why I wanted to stop, also). Like when I would wash it at night, even patting dry lightly made it bright red.
But this didn't happen til the end when I was at 40mg, so a lower dose could possibly have prevented, or lessened it.
I've been off over a year. I recently just started getting minor breakouts, nothing major. One odd thing is my upper arms have been broken out for months and it won't go away! I find it odd as I've never been broken out there before.
And the oiliness is back to normal. I still get a bit oily sometimes, but nothing like before I went on accutane. I even had some dryness in my skin this winter!

Anyway, if I ever get insurance again, I think I would go back to that dr to get some more of the low dosage method.

I don't know if any of this info helped you with your decision, but I hope so.
Point is, I vote yes to the low dosage, I do think it can work.
And as for the models/actresses using this method - I have read that also. I read some article a while ago about accutane being the 'wonder drug of hollywood' or something. It was in a girly magazine, like Allure, or something, if the source makes a difference to anyone.

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