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Hi I am new here... and I am really liking this site... there's so much stuff to post abou problems.I just posted in the teen forums.

Ok.... I'm a 16 year old Black male who used to have acne but just have scars left all over my face.They've been there for a while but they looked healed but it won't like completely go any further. My whole body is lighter and smoother than my face & it looks really depressing to compare it to my face. My facial color is uneven... rugged looking with scars here and there from past acne.The only time my face really look good in is the bathroom mirror which makes me look flawless almost but in others... it looks horrible. When you look really really close on my face... you'll see tiny bumps just everywhere... I don't know what they are.But my facial skin tone has changed, it looks darker and uglier and there's a huge difference. I want my face to look refreshed & smooth like it once did.I don't want surgery because my mom won't let me do something like that for my scars.I've tried lots of products from the store for my face but I just end up wasting my money which I really hate!!I've had acne for about 6 years and my face is really beaten up from it all these years.... Is there anything out there that will work for me!!!

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