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i went to a new dermo yesterday in hopes of a new doctor finally helping me instead of just prescribing new topical medicines and saying come back in 4 weeks. It turns out this doctor was great and actually cultured me and was able to tell me what my problem was......maybe this well help some people also.....

for the past year id say ive kept a scruffy beard around my face due to the fact that shaving broke me out like none other and a beard would help hide some of my impuritites and was less irritatiing to my skin. Still i got many whiteheads and red bumps even with a beard but it wasnt as bad as shaving every day like any other normal male. Well he informed that due to the fact that i have curly hair on my scalp, my facial hair grows in curly as well and i have many many ingrown hairs on my face and the hair curls up and retracts germs and bacteria onto my face. There is some type of long dermo type term and name for this infection but i forgot. He said the thousands (feels like i have thousands) of whiteheads that i get, pustules, are not acne related. I have an infection and a staff germ he said has infected me and caused me to have scaly and dry skin in addition to many pustules coming to a head. He gave me specfic directions on how to fix this problem. Once again, he assured me that all the antiobiotics and topical medicines ive been taken never worked on me because i never had acne. This is an infection.

He told me i need to shave everyday and stop any kind of hair from growing onto my face. He told me to use a gillette trac II plus razor, put neutrogena razor defense face gel on first and than lather on top of that aveeno shaving gel. He also prescribed a face wash shampoo for dandruff but in this case it works against my condition called nizoral. Its suppoused to help with the scaly skin. Also he gave me an antiobiotic for my condition that i must take 4 times a day for 10 days thats suppoused to work instantly. Its called Cephalexin. Ive heard good things about it. Also I have to use cleatin T some kind of cream on my face in the morning and at night. I shaved last night for the first time in a while and of course like i expected i woke up with literally 50 mini whiteheads all over my face. I wont pop them though. Maybe its good that they all came to a head so quickly. Who knows but im in pain right now. At least its good that this doctor was able to tell me i dont have acne and all i have is a bad infection and bacteria due to my facial hair and that just in a matter of time by shaving every day and following these directions i should be pretty clear. right now i look like a freak of nature but i guess im optimistic that this will all work out. Maybe this will help some of you. Also i have to use retin-A and a toothbrush to brush my face starting in like a few weeks he said. Not right away. he was a real good doctor. So i hope this may help some of you who maybe had the same issue as me that i only had "acne" around my facial hair area and nowhere else on my body. I dont have acne and maybe you dont also. I feel like crap now because of how bad my skin looks but this doc seemed pretty sure that he could cure me quickly.

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