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After 7 months im done with accutane. Im pleased with the results. Oh yea, im a boy 5'7" and weigh 150lbs with asain skin. I first started accutane August 25, 2004, my face was extremely oily it would get oily and nasty within an hour or showering. The oil would pool around my pores. I would get large painfull cysts around my jawline and on my forehead that would last up to several months. My face was scarring pretty bad from the acne. After my first month of 40mg a day of Sotret (generic version of accutane) produced by Ranbaxy I noticed a tremendous difference. The oil production was slowing down. I still had cysts and continued to get them during the first month. My face still had a great deal of oil but I could tell a big difference by the end of the first month. Second month dosage changed 40mg on odd days and 80mg on even days. During this month I noticed a change in pimples. Most of my smaller pustule lesions had healed and were not returning. My face was around 80% healed of ACTIVE pustules, I still had many marks from previous ones. I still had cysts around my jawline. They were occuring much less frequently though. I would get maybe 1 new one every 2 weeks, during the second month. The oil was nearly gone. I still noticed it at the end of they day or if I looked closely in a mirror at my nose. Month three. My dosage is going to be the same 40/80mg throughout the rest of my treatment. During my monthly accutane checkups I would get cortisteroid injections for my cysts some of them worked other didn't, I would have to stay it worked maybe 60% of the time for my cysts to get injected. Here is my theory on that. My accutane physician was not a doctor shes a nurse practisioner. Some of the injections were probably going sub/cu (under the skin) instead of intra lesional. At work we do these type of injections often on animals. I work in Veterinary Medicine in the Dermatology dept. But thats ok I don't really care they will go away at some point. Some times it is difficult to avoid injection sub/cu when trying to get into a lesion. But anyways month 3 my skin was 95% ACTIVE pimple free. This is how it remained for the duration of my treatment all the way to month 7. I was not aware they could go 7 months but I asked and apparently the FDA doesn't regulate the duration you are prescribed for. They told me they usually don't see and improvement if continued longer than 6 months. But for me they made an exception. At month 6 I still had a little oil and some very very very old cysts that just wouldnt go away. Done with the treatment I still have a couple of small cysts on my right jawline 5 to be exact. I have had these for the past 4 months. They have been injected with a cortisteroid 4 times. I think time is the only thing that will heal them now that or a 6mm biopsy punch ;). Other than those couple of cysts im free of active acne. I have many many many hyperpigmentation marks that will fade with time, but the indent marks will always be with me. During my treatment and currently I use Dove for sensitive skin soap. You can get a big thing of it at Target for cheap. It is a hypoallergenic soap so its good for us acne people. I used Cetaphil moisturizing cream for the dryness when I got out of the shower.
I washed twice a day on most days. I did not use any other topicals or cleansers. I started having to moisturize 2 1/2 weeks into the first month. As for side effects from accutane dry skin but thats what we want. Nothing that couldn't be easily controlled with the cetaphil cream. Bloody noses I was already prone to nosebleeds. Maybe I just have naturally dry nasal pasages. But anyway that it NO Negative mood changes or joint pain or anything like that.
I got to go good luck to you all. Its taken me so long to write this very slow typer and now its time to go out. I can answer replys later.

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